Eyedol and MY GROWING DISDAIN for Jumping Heavy Punch


I find absolutely nothing weird going on in S3 that didn’t happen in S1 and S2 (with the exception of the occasional bug, which gets corrected shortly after).


To me some stuff is weird but I think it’s to the fact of these new characters being so big in s3 so like I said I’ll continue to practice so I can learn how to deal


A little care to avoid mudslinging and hyperbole would be appreciated in these toxic times, dude. Some of us are finding KI streams unwatchable because the streamer and comments would have you believe that the world is ending, we don’t need arbitrary threads on these forums to be filled with it as well.

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So hey, now that jumping HP is nerffed would it make sense to close the thread?

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No, we must keep it alive as a reminder. Never forget.


The north remembers…


THIS. this right here.


Yes, In addition to J.Hp, Braindead full meter 80% damage Eyedol… was the best Eyedol!.. R.I.P. Should have made my own video when I had the chance


Sounds good, I should fight your Eyedol soon

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