Extinction guest character

Do you think when extinction gets close to launch they will add him as a bonus character.

Doubt it…

Not sure we will get characters from this point on, though who knows.

No idea. I think it would be cool though.


I had never heard of it either so I had to look it up, wasn’t what I expected.

the one I wish is the giant kind of troll hes so aggressive :heart_eyes: I wil buy this gama for sure its just magnificent I rarely find interest in that kind of game but the graphism the ideas and the soundtrack beats my hart at the first sight.
overall the amoung of blood and agressivity .
its a piece of art IG congratulation!!!

I’d like to see Eyedol get the exact same basic armor of the giant troll/ogres.

But I was one who would have liked the Scalebound character getting added into KI when I thought that would be coming out as an Xbone exclusive for the holidays. This would be sweet I think.

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For anyone wondering, Extinction is Iron Galaxy’s next project.

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