Experiencing severe rollback and lag?

Is anyone else experiencing severe teleport screen skipping, lag, and major rollback where entire moves (Ex: throw) and then reappear as a totally different move from the opponent?(Ex: from throw to being hit and full combo)

The past week it has become progressively worse each day I play. Exhibition and Ranked…but mainly in Exhibition.
Im just curious if this is a world wide issue at the moment or just an issue that I am experienceing.

@KRAKENJIMMY Has there been any confirmation that you guys have seen this or been asked about it?

This issue is getting bad…I swear every Orchid or Shago I play when they dash across the screen it skips with what feels like a roll back or as iff SFV is lagging. Ive never seen KI do this so often during matches.

I haven’t played today, but my games earlier this week weren’t particularly bad or anything. One guy I kept matching up with had an awful connection, but most everyone else’s was pretty solid.

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It’s been spotty. Some connections are absolutely terrible, others are pretty great. Though, that hasn’t changed much from before. What has change is the frequency of rollback and lag, which I’ve noticed since the last major patch.

I haven’t noticed anything major the last 2 weeks since I made this post…if I do experience it, its not consistent enough to annoy me to bad.