Exhibition Search Parameter Changes

Here me out…(No negative comments, if you dont agree, then move on please)
I know this has happened to you because it happens to me every time I play Exhibition and I think this change would be awesome.

In the Exhibition Search parameters they are currently set Qualifier to Killer.

Now most people just hit search and hope for the best out come…ready to play!

Now what I encounter is players that are lower tiers exit the match as soon as they see you are higher tier than they are. This wastes a lot of time for both of us to have to start all over from the multiplayer menu, select exhibition, back to changing search parameters, ect… then it happens all over again.

So what I propose is a default parameter of qualifier to ( Current Tier).

So if you are in Bronze and you go to Exhibition…the default search parameter will be Qualifier to Bronze.
If you want to fight a Gold, you can change it, want to fight Killers change it… but currently no one is removing Killer or Gold from their search parameter and they are exiting the Match up the initial "Ready"screen. All that online search time wasted. And when it happens 3 times in a row its really frustrating.
Yes, I could remove those lower tiers from my search I know this… but we dont always want to fight Killers either… sometimes its fun to play and use new characters and not worry about playing like your life is on the line.

So its really no different than it is now, but just the opposite. Instead of removing Tiers you dont want in your search, you add Tiers you want into your search result.

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SO you think this could be a possibility one day guys? Or too much and not worth the effort? I think this could help new players who rush in and want to fight online. Im sure there have been several rush in and get matched against a Killer, get decimated, and say “Im not playing Online again.”



This is a fair point - there are some very skilled players who never actually touch ranked mode, and beast it out in exhibition all day instead. Your Player-Level 50 Qualifier variety.

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Yeah, I think you could also have it default just to your rank. Those of us who want to branch out could change it ourselves.

Exactly! Either Bronze to Bronze or Qualify to Bronze…which ever keeps them from tucking tail every time they get a higher tier match up.

the other night this happened to me 4 times in a row! 4 times! Ive even go to the point I will say on the mic “Dont leave!!!” And these are Gold level players!

Don’t feel alone man - I can’t tell you how many times I get to the match screen, the match looks at my card, and basically says “LVL50 Killer Tier Hisako? Nope.”

I once actually hear a guy say “F**k that!” over his mic before leaving the match screen. I LOL’d.


I just had 5 in a row back out!!! 5!!! 2 Killers, 2 silver, and 1 Gold!

Thus generally doesn’t happen to me, although admittedly I am not getting to play very much right now. But I can only think of three real possibilities:

  1. They have fought you before and don’t want to fight you again.

  2. They see your last character pick and don’t want to fight that character.

  3. They saw that gif you posted in the teabag and taunting thread and want to stay as far away from you as humanly possible. :smile:

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ha ha! Now I only posted that to be funny…I dont TB unless TBd many times and I end up winning and even then sometimes I still wont do it to send an even stronger message.

I dont think Ive fought any of these ppl before and honestly Im more scared of them when they appear on screen than they should be of me!

Last character picked was Aganos so I know if I were match up against an Aganos Id be licking my chops ready to rumble.

I think they are just looking for an easy win and dont want to risk any chance of loosing because they prob just got their ■■■ handed to them. I feel like thats what a lot of ppl in exhibition are looking for… easy wins and easy targets to TB and 2x Ultra.

Owell… if ppl do recognize me, I can assure them there is nothing to fear… they are most likely going to beat me.

First off, you suck!

I am just joking around. You seem to be a respectful and decent person. I just could help saying that because of the no negative remarks statement.

I know you can’t change the setup now, but I thought there was a way to do what you want before the S3 update. If I remember correctly the 2 choices were lowest rank of the fighter you wanted and highest rank of the fighter you wanted. I think when the S3 update it changed the second choice to current rank. I could be wrong.

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I do suck at this game LOL… Rash on very Hard difficulty beat me 7-0 on my lunch break!

Yes you can change it currently…but no ne is changing it. they are just hitting search with the widest search criteria that entail all tiers…then when they are matched up with a higher tier…they bail.

this causes you to have to go through 4 menu selections and wait for another search. If they would just change there criteria to the lower tier they are comfortable with…all would be fine…but they are not doing this. So… I propose the default search criteria is set to your current tier minimum and maximum. So if they just hit search off the bat…they will not get matched up with a killer if they are bronze.

I understand the frustration! But from the other side lol. I’m a qualifier rank with a player level of 24. Not the most experienced. After a while I ran from people that were player rank 50, even if they were the same rank. I’d much rather play with someone near my level and rank and work my way up.

Do you change the search parameters or just hit go as soon as the menu pops up?
We cant change the level 50 aspect…unfortunately unless they added a whole new search criteria. Which Im not against…I think that would be great!
What Im proposing is just a rearrangement of the default criteria.

I just change the rank so I don’t fight killers. I try staying with qualifying or bronze.