Exhibition Ready

I believe there shouldn’t be an option to do New Search when starting Exhibition. It wastes people’s time. Like if I’m waiting for 8 minutes for the game to finally find a fighter and they pick New Search instead of Ready then I am wasting my time sitting on my chair. it’s not nice. This game is also getting boring for me, how do you guys make urselves want to play? It’s been almost 4 long years. Now that I’m turning 58 I don’t have time for games.

If the game is getting boring for you then take a break. If you feel like coming back from time to time do it. If not, leave it. Apply this with all the other games.

Ask yourself “why am I playing? Could I’ll ve doing other things I would enjoy more? Could I study or could I look into another hobby? Could I spend more time with (x) person/people? Or what else could I do with my time?”

I took a rest and I’ll play it again because I miss it. The thruth is I’m not as passionate about games like I when I was younger. But KI has given me the chance to develop more in the competitive side I couldn’t do as a kid (and relearned a lot of things of this genre I enjoyed) and Gears of Wars gave me really cool friends from other parts of the world.

Oh yes, and this forums =) and the whole KI scene with its pro and cons.

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Yeah, it does waste people’s time especially if it sends me back to the menu.

As for the game getting boring? I suppose that’s just any game, I wouldn’t hold it against you wth a game from 2013 either. Taking a break usually helps you get away from constant routine and not getting sick of it. Also adding variety like other types of game genres to change it up. Take me for instance, I go back and forth between indie games like Sheltered to massive hits like the Witcher.

If you just don’t have time that’s natural, responsibilities and life grows on you. During certain semesters I prioritize my studies so I’m rarely on.

Its mainly ppl that wot use the Search filter. Bronze players just hitting search immediately and when a Killer crosses their path they leave the match. Ive suggested many times to the devs that the default criteria is an exact match of your current tier. If a bronze players want to branch out and fight a silver or a killer he can change the criteria. Currently they have to change it to REMOVE unwanted tier and NO ONE is doing this.