“Exhibition” matches problem

Hi Ki cummunity & Dev Team !

Me & a group of my friends who lives in Middle East have problem to play together as we used to by inviting each other in the lobby in “Exhibition” mode, when we start the “invite” it give us a massage telling us that it’s unable to start a game and even if we were lucky by one match, it didn’t last long for a seconds then it log us out. **So am asking **

Dose anybody from Ki cummunity facing such problem with “Exhibition” matches?

Dear Dev Team will you comment in the topic, Please?

It’s annoying problem and start back in last September and if it will last for a long time I’am afraid that somebody will look for another game to have fun

Hope you all good time !

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I’m also consistently having issues connecting to specific players from multiple countries. No real apparent reason either. Had this problem with people playing on xbox as well as PC

Is your Xbox connection settings set to OPEN? DO you have it port forwarded to your router?

Make sure your NAT is OPEN. Everyone in the lobby needs to be OPEN.

Give that a try.

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Yes it is Open & connected directly toward the router as usual but now “Exhibition” not working at all wether is me who is trying or between my friends themselves when they try to play together. We’ve tried lots of things even by searching randomly for each other we succeeded to catch some matches but also it stop after few seconds from the beginning of the match. Thanks bro.

Same my assumption It may happens on some Countries only, so I’m afraid that the Dev Team don’t know about the problem, hopes someone comments on the topic.

Thanks for replying my friends :blush:

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Are you on Wifi or direct line Ethernet from modem to xbox?

Can you make a clip of you entering EX, searching/inviting and into a match to see where it disconnected?
Maybe using Xbox “record that” up to 15 mins?

The best way for the Dev team to help is with video. Describing via words can be difficult.

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I’m using wifi connection and playing on Xbox One “always like this” and was’nt face any problem

It’s morning now on my country and assuming all friends are sleeping now, but surely I’m going to add clips about the problem :+1:t3:

I’ve tried playing with player from different country and it’s work perfectly, and also had a chance to play with Pc player and it’s worked!

I guess the problem happens to specific countries only, like you said

Hopes Dev Team look to our countries, I’m from UAE & my friends from Saudia Arabia

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I’ve played Ranked when I’ve been in Bahrain a couple of times, on wi-fi too and the connections weren’t bad at all. I recognized a few names from people I regularly ran in to. I’m guessing it may just be a problem between your networks, there have been times when I can’t play against one specific person and one of us keeps disconnecting.
Can you try running an ethernet cable from your modem or router to your console? A direct line is usually better to play online with.
Also, you could check your friends’ network settings, ask them if their NAT is Open and if they’re running on wi-fi as well?

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I have no problem with “Ranked” it mostly works perfect, our problem with “Exhibition” matches. You may right, I don’t know if it happens if I meet someone from Middle East in Ranked also.

Yes we’ve checked each other network settings but as for connection I’m using wireless from Day One but I may try wired as soon as possible.

Thanks for your respond