Exhibition and trolls

So I never play exhibition…but I’m leveling up ARIA to 50 and wanted to get the last 3 levels up quickly but didn’t feel comfortable with her in ranked. So I went exhibition.

Out of 10 matches I only won 3 with Aria, the 7 I lost EVERY opponent tea bagged and left the exhibition…no rematch. And 2 of them I ended up being matched up against a 2nd time and both left the match immediately.

Why? Whats wrong with these people? Why cant they just play and have fun? Why tea bag and then not face a rematch?

I don’t get it!!! Helll I thought Ranked was a bunch of A holes!!!..Exhibition is much worse!!! lol

Thoughts on this topic anyone?

And there went another one… one and done…except I wont this time. Hell he almost beat me,I was in danger!!!

In my experience every game that has had a ranked multiplayer playlist and a non-ranked multiplayer playlist causes the non-ranked playlist to turn into troll city. These people don’t want to fight opponents that are better than them, they want to mess with people worse than them, so they go to where they think the more casual players are.

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You are exactly right! SO far they all have been bronze and sliver too… no golds or killer

Sad to hear Exhibition has gotten worse. I used to practice in ranked rather than exhibition for the same reason. Haven’t been on ranked for months now.

I finished the night against 2 great opponents…both went 2 sets of best of 10 rematches. One of them did end up Tbagging on the final match though LOL…what ever

I always play exibition, and usually its all ok. Sure there are some fools around, but they are rare.

Even when people teabags me, my reaction always remains the same:
PM: ggs dude but dont teabag please, its rude. Be a gentleman!

And I always get the same response: an apologize

Try it @FallofSeraphs76 . It always work

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I would personally love to see either a good sportsmanship Xp boost or a bad sportsmanship penalty. I am sick of the taunters and Tbaggers as much as anyone else here. Actually making an incentive to be a good person would probably lower the rates of bad sportsmanship and I think the first option would work better (a good sportsmanship bonus) because those getting penalized would probably just complain.

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I don’t believe there is a “fair way” to deal with this particular issue.

These types of players are the ones we must strive to be better than, both in-game and in attitude.
The former is often much harder, for it’s obvious they have a feeling of personal being but they also do not feel shame or don’t want to feel it.

It’s not fair to punish those that don’t make an effort to be better, only those that strive to be worse.
To better, people must follow by choice and example, not by rule and enforcement.

I have this happen in exhibition sometimes, but usually I find someone who sticks around for a long set after seeing a few losers go by. Don’t let it get to you. Most of those guys can’t hack it in ranked and they act so dumb because they so rarely get a chance to win. I’m of the opinion that anyone (ranked or exhibition) who wants to wast his own time at this point in the games life with a triple Ultra must only win a match once in a Blue Moon.

I agree completely. The jail system (although ultimately pretty effective in reducing rage quits) showed some of the challenges associated with “criminal enforcement” of good behavior. But what about just offering a reward for people who benefit the community? Maybe a simple way of allowing you to leave positive feedback from within the game (not using the Xbox live feedback mechanism which takes 5 minutes to load), with no negative feedback that could be abused. Then it displays how many “kudos” or whatever a player has in his badge or gamer tag within the game. Maybe a lot of work to implement this, but I’m really starting to wish I had a better way of finding “cool people who want to play KI without being jerks.”

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Well, we do have each other :smile:

However, I cannot guarantee myself for specific times on meeting up to play as family comes first. And between herding the little ones and then having a clear mind to play an FG, well it’s a good thing there’s Shadows to fight, cause it’s the only “human” interaction on the game I can get most times :smile:


That’s Ok. I wanted to learn Hisako, so I went into Exhibition. Out of 10 Matches with different people… ALL. 10. TEABAGGED. It was so bad, I haven’t touched Hisako since. She is still Level 7 or something. I don’t know if I’ll be able to play her, if all I get after losing, is:

:arrow_down: :arrow_down: :arrow_down: :arrow_down: :arrow_down: :arrow_down: :arrow_down: :arrow_down: :arrow_down: :arrow_down: :arrow_down: :arrow_down: :arrow_down: :arrow_down: :arrow_down: :arrow_down: :arrow_down: :arrow_down: Taunt


Just remember, they are compensating for something else. Anatomical failings or the fact that they get wrecked by other Hisako players…

I’m sure tons of people on here would be happy to help you get better with Hisako. I am middling with her at best, but I do okay AGAINST her and I would be happy to be a training partner. Gamertag is… well, duh.

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I’ll be ok. I just need to keep going with Hisako. And if anything, I’ll just body them with Jago/TJ Combo. :wink:

Anyways, my Jago and/or my TJ Combo hasn’t got where it is now without getting bodied 200+ Times. Same thing with Hisako. Just need to not give up!

Sort of why I stopped playing online, I’m awful in ranked but in exhibition I try to play people around my level, on occasions I’ll get great players who we both learn from. Then I get the douchebag’s who are awful sports.

I normally play casually and they tend to cheat the victory using DPs, grabs that kind of stuff. I don’t mind it because I test my comeback skills and practically give them a chance while hoping for another game, best of 3 type deal. Nope! They mash the down button, taunt, and leave.

Also, I don’t know if you guys have dealt with this, but this is the worst. So my girlfriend goes into an exhibition, plays a character around her level (5-10) turns out this guy was on a second account from what it seemed. All he did was taunt, teabag and play as if it was freakin’ EVO - crazy setups, unholy mixups, the works. It was excruciating and frustrated how discouraged she got and there was nothing I could do. I mean, the douche had to know his level of douchebaggery, but really how does someone gain any joy from that?

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This does happen. It could be someone lets there friend/relative play on their account (I have actually done this to help my brother unlock the ranked color award for Glacius in S1 - although I felt guilty about it), or it could be a second account. It might also be someone who is a tournament player that hasn’t spent much time on line. Its frustrating when you see someone who is clearly “off level,” but that’s a separate issue from their poor sportsmanship. some people are just jerks.

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I’m sorry. I’ve been there before, almost to the point where I didn’t want to play fighting games. But I told myself, One day, I will beat this guy. It was on Injustice: Gods Among Us. (Which is the game I started getting into Hardcore play.)I was a Green Arrow starting out, and I got BODIED by a Doomsday player that teabagged me, and sent me hateful messages. I was so discouraged, I stopped playing. Some time later, I was watching Combo videos and Chris G play Green Arrow, and I was AMAZED at the combos they could do. I told myself I was going to learn all the setups and such. So, I hit the lab, gaining muscle memory and learning what button does what. I think after 2 weeks, I was surfing on Ranked again, when that SAME guy appeared. At the character select screen, He started sending me messages again. All I did was pick my character and the stage. Match starts. Doomsday Teabags and goes for the Air Shoulder tackle. I Literally backdashed, and did a short combo. He stopped for a sec, and started to teabag again. Long Story short, I won the match with a Massive Life lead. Never heard from him again. But I was so happy that I got to fight and win against my Lipton Teabag friend, that I decided that I was going to keep going, no matter what. Because even trolls can be beat. :grinning:

EDIT: Wall of Text! Sorry. Summarized Moral of the Story: Don’t Give Up!


No, it’s a good perspective and way to look at it. Believe me though, I don’t give up. This is my first fighting game and the only one I will potentially invest the time into. So for me its tougher, but I still keep at it and try to learn from my errors. I’m getting there though.

Unfortunately, it is different for her. Once she is discouraged she sort of drops the game… lot of Animal Crossing lately lol. I mean she tried in that match, she was at least dealing some damage but ultimately she was not going to win, which discouraged her from trying online or even the game for that matter. She is slowly getting back into it, which is good but yeah - different personality from us you know.

I suppose they may be, but the main players that attend most tournaments all have high leveled accounts and even so this person knew what type of player they were competing against. Still, like you say, some people are just jerks.

I understand. It’s hard for a person who doesn’t really play fighting games be consistent with fighting games. It’s hard. Fighting games are truthfully not easy, and I feel that’s what turns people off about it is the learning curve. I try and get my sister to play fighting games, and she’s turned off by the fact she has to remember setups, combos, and all that stuff. Don’t worry. In time.

I LOVE Animal Crossing. LOL. I am currently playing New Leaf with my Sister on 3ds. So much fun. :smile:

This is kinda why even if it is a new player, I fight like if it’s my last match. I got bodied by a Wulf player that apparently was a low level a week ago…He had gotten in my head, and I suffered for it…

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Pretty much all there is too it, time. I’m sure she will get back into it. She likes it and is eager for Kim so it’s just a matter of time before she gets back into it.

It is really fun lol send a friend code sometime, we wouldn’t mind visiting your world and likewise.

Wow, that is crazy and he finished in the same manner as the other douche. It seems like you were doing what you could, he caught you on some stuff but yeah, this guy had practice.

Side-note: I still want to spar with you soon, need to learn that Jago tech.