Evolve Stage 2/Evolve

I haven’t seen a thread on this at all, but recently, Evolve went free to play on PC, and is currently in beta. Depending on the success of the PC version, console will be updated to the free to play model.

I was wondering if anyone here plays it or is interested in it. I own it on Xbox, so I don’t know everything about the PC version, but was wondering if people would wanna talk about it.

I was a bit iffy on spending full price on it, since I prefer games that are offline (with some exceptions, fighting games and shooters definitely benefit from good online). But if it goes free to play I might check it out, looked interesting. Can it be played couch co-op with a friend?

The game has no local play. The focus is online multiplayer, and it’s better to have a team to talk to so you can coordinate roles and strategies.

As far as buying it goes, I know PC players who purchased the game will get access to whatever they paid for (plus other benefits like skins, in game currency, etc). The free to play has one monster and one hunter for each role in a free rotation each week, so newcomers gotta use whatever the rotation is while they earn currency (silver keys) by playing in order to unlock skins, hunters, monsters, and other stuff.

If it’s something you would really like, then you could buy the game off Amazon ($10 base game and $20 game + DLC characters). It’ll save you a lot of grinding since you won’t need to unlock as many characters.

I’ll keep an eye out for itif it gets released on xbox for free

It is funny to me that just single player games do better than multiplayer only games do. The games that don’t he best have both.

I thing Evolve is doing a free play, because it did not make a fraction of the money that they thought it would. If companies did not flood the market with FPS, then games like this might have a better chance.

I’ve never played the game, so if it goes free, I will definitely play it.