Evolution 2016 - Looking to hire an Xbox One stick for the tournament

Hi there fellow KI players,

I’m from Spain and I’ll be in Evolution 2016 playing SFV and KI. I don’t want to bring two sticks to the tournament (PS4 & Xbox One), so I’m looking for someone to hire me their Xbox One stick for a few dollars (let’s be fair in this point hehe) to be able to play in the tournament.

Please, reply to this thread or message me if you are interested, it would be greatly appreciated.


I was planning on bringing my Atrox anyways. The only issue is, it’s not modded at all. That means it still has its base square gate, and spring. If that’s not a problem, you’re welcome use it.

You could find someone at evo to mod your stick for either consoke for like 150 usd at most…

I would but I’m still trying to find a way to afford evo. Was gonna share a room with someone and we would have split the cost of the room but now it’s just me solo. Anyone on here looking for someone to share a room? It’ll come out to $100 for all 4 days.

Thanks a lot!

I don’t see how the fact that isn’t modded would be any problem at all, I assume the base restrictor and buttons have decent quality, right? I’m not planning to do any complicated execution heavy tech hehe

How would you like to keep contact to meet at EVO? By email? Or maybe this forum?

Yeah, I have some friends here in Spain that can mod my fightstick too, but I’d rather not spend 150$ extra dollars, the trip to EVO is already quite expensive!

Xbox one rock controller cost like 20 bucks find any9ne with a sodder gun and use the shoryuken forums texh talk section for a guide cost me 40 bucks to mod my stick worth it

This forum is fine. Just contact me through PM. I’ll be watching the forums a lot during the weekend, and I get emails when I get pm’d.