Evo Japan ongoing

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Already halfway through day 2 LUL though

Twitch .tv /Evo
Twitch .tv /Evo2

Nice losers QF battle between ET and Luggia!!
What a comeback!!! KOF is hype.

Great match by Nemo against NL. Nemo so cool…

SCVI top 8 coming up…

KoF top 8 starting

SR’s Kim is lethal. #kof14

Wow, another Japanese player out of kof14. ET is smelling blood.

They were talking about all Japanese kof finals when there was only one non-japanese in losers QF. Well, that single foreigner just fought his way to Grand finals!!! Hype!!!

SCVI starting soon.

SCVI to start soon…top 8 that is.

Go Shen!

The whiff punishes back and forth. Crazy!!
Shen v Jashin

The reach! Maxi with that whiff lol

Sick by Shen Chan

Shen has chances. Hope he can stay in there. One more round for the win!

He did it! SHK did well. But so many aggressive players…tough for Zasalamel to make all reads. Difficult to slow things down!!

Tekken grand finals starting.

Punk Jyobin OMG

I didn’t go but many of the issues were real, especially regarding system crashes and player DQs. Both Japanese and non Japanese are still furious about the DQs. Really sucks but kind of expected based on last year’s experiences…

I thoroughly enjoyed the streams and watching stuff from home though.