EVO 2016.....who's going?

With EVO being just around the corner. I am curious to know who will be going? Either to play or spectate? Hope to see a bunch of familiar game tags there if you will go. Looking forward to it.

I’ll be there! I’m competing, hoping to meet some people on here for casual sets and just to find people to enjoy pools hype with.

I’ll be competing as well, I am sure I won’t make it very far as I haven’t done very well in even the 8bit Beat downs or the KI Pro leagues. But really want to experience it more than anything else. I’ve never been to any FGC event and being near my home town, what better reason to take a trip home. Maybe we’ll be able to run some sets.

I’ll be there, thankfully found a roommate so I’ll be able to afford it. Anyone want to get some evo practice lobbies going over the next two weeks?

that sounds like a plan, won’t be today though, I am exhausted and mentally probably wouldn’t be very good. 3am start for today. ugh…:frowning:

I’d be down for a lobby! I work 5 days and usually very late too, so my availability isn’t excellent, but shoot me a friend request on XBL and I’ll see you on there!

I wish I could go, but I have to settle for the small event, Absolute Battle 7. But I agree with you, even though you think you may not make it far… just being there and soaking up the experience is all that matters! Hell Id like to go even if not competing!

Im looking forward to watching the stream this year. Last year I wasnt really into watching tournaments but this year Ive tried to watch everyone I can.

I’m going to complete. Hoping to get some games in with some people. I haven’t been to a tournament scene in such a long time so hopefully I can get back in the swing of things once my local arcade is back up and running.

Can’t wait to compete. Problem is I’ll only have the first day of EVO at the booths to practice because I’m not home until August :frowning:

Cool beans. I remember your Jago from WNF :slight_smile:

I’ll be there :smiley: 1st timer lol

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I’ll be heading there! ^^ grinding like crazy and going for gold!

good luck…I just hope to not go 0-2.

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That game is boring to watch by now.

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Depends on the person really. I’ll admit I lost interest in Melee tournaments very fast.

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I just get bored because of how long the rounds last. They could decrease Sm4sh round time by 2-2.5 minutes and it would be more exciting for me. It will actually feel like a race against the clock, and your opponent.

Btw, here’s proof I’m going:


Oh yeah, I’ll be there too. Look for me, even though you don’t know what I look like.

Will do :thumbsup: