Evo 2016 numbers

Still last but I’m proud we have consistent growth in the community. Up by 143 players this year to a total of 540 and right on the heels of Tekken 7 at 543.

Really looking forward to this years finals.


EVO is always so intense and exciting for KI.

I will be keeping time clear so I can watch it in its entirety!


It’s going to be great to see some international talent in the tournament. They always bring interesting characters and tech.


This is very good growth for us ~36%.

Every year, we’ve seen more and more people get involved with the competitive scene and majors have proved that.

I’ll be one of those participants.


Domi running the Cinder bomb loop was a really high-energy moment last year!

It’s nice to see international players both interested and excelling at a US-made fighter, not just SF or Tekken.


w00t! I’ll be there competing as well :slight_smile:


Good luck everyone.

I hope to see more of you getting some screen time (or is it stream time?) at Evo.


And to think last year people were saying KI is dead and wont make a return to EVO in 2016 due to low tournament entries…phhphhhhhh!

You guys remember all those threads?


nice to know we’re still growing. It’s a little sad to know we have 7 milion players vs 1.4 milion players of SFV and still we trail on EVO numbers.

But I have the feeling that next KIWC will propel the game even higher!



The Wynn Buffet is where it’s at guys. It’s a little pricey but the food is amazing I highly recommend checking it out. Also if you’re old enough to drink and gamble Pai Gow is an easy to play table game where your money lasts a long time. Essentially you get a 2 card hand and a 5 card hand, you have to win both, as does the dealer for anything to happen. Basically you end up pushing a lot so your money lasts a while. I played like 6 hours once on 100$. It’s also my opinion that drink service is a bit more frequent at the tables over slot machines.


Games tonight?

The 7 million could mean anything.

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Maybe. I’ve got friends coming over for the weekend so I’ve got a lot of errands to run and cleaning to do. I might be able to hop on later in the evening though.

Ki doesnt have 7 million players instead 6 million have played it.

That number got updated to 7 million recently by official sources.

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Ki still has not sold 7 million nor does have that many players.

I’m not commenting on the makeup of the figure quoted by Microsoft, only saying that the 6 million figure is now out of date and that you were wrong to mention it.

That’s how many times it has been downloaded. Remember, the initial download is free. So…¯\_ (ツ) _/¯

Thats not what they said. Playing the game can be done thru many ways not just buying it.

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Whatever, but you know what i mean.