Everything should have a Beta

Especially for games like this, where glitches directly effect tournaments and ranked leagues.

Everytime a patch or character is released, the game ends up severely broken for a short time. Cant this be remedied by “Beta tests”, the GREATEST tool in videogame history?

Just put out a beta test that lasts a few days to a week, starting 4 weeks before the official release of the character / patch.

The massive treasure trove of silliness we keep finding would be dealt with in a way that can be FLEXIBLY re-scheduled to make sure tournaments are the highest quality possible, and that the brokenness doesnt stay for too long.

(KIWC forced me to cheer against every Kilgore player, because it was OBVIOUS, and embarrassing, that he was broken. If he had gotten a short beta, he would have been a viable character, instead of a cheap nuisance.)

What are the negatives of Beta testing? What are the tools available for executing them efficiently?

While I agree with some form of Beta test before release, you can’t reschedule tournaments that easy. They have already paid for the space, equipment, and other things. You couldn’t setup a good sized tournament in 3 days. Not to mention that KI is never the only game at a tournament.

Some the problem is the people that play the game. Alot of people want new content all the time, and pushing put content quickly cuts down on the time it takes to find the bugs. Either people wait long periods off time for bug free things, or get it quick and they fix it as we go. If this were the only game that did this I would understand, but for some reason this became the standard “sell it now, fix it later”. On the positive side, at least they can patch games now. I remember a time that if a game had a bug, that was just part of the game, amd would never be fixed.

IG at least admits the problems, I have played several games, and they would never admit there was a problem “Dead Rising 4” was one of these.

I would support a group for testing, but that would cause a lot more problems. People would get upset if they were not part of the group. Players would get bent out of shape if someone was picked and they felt they were a better player and could offer more. If they picked all pros to test, then casual players would be mad, if they did some of each, then pros that were left out would be mad.
We would then start to see threads like IG didn’t pick me and I quit playing. IG picked this person and who thinks it should have been someone else.

Just do what I do. I consider every game a bets until it gets its last update. Once the game is finished for good, then it is not a Beta anymore.

I meant re- schedule releases and betas, not the tournaments. (Mobile)

The devs have stated before that it’s tricky setting up beta tests for characters and beta tests. This was stated back in the PD change discussion.

Ok. You feel they should push things back if they notice a bug or problem that the new patch causes? To me the only way to find some of these bugs quickly is to just release it. The more people that play, the more of a chance the bug is found fast.

Yup. Battletoads for the NES is a great example. The game cannot be beaten 2-player because of a glitch late in the game that keeps killing Player 2. Since it was on an unupgradable cartridge, that’s just there.
IIRC they did fix that for Rare Replay though.

Let’s be real here. The developers can’t find everything. Melee wouldn’t be the game it is now if the players didn’t come up with things like wavedashing. If that game were developed now, Sakurai would probably get rid of it in the next patch.

Kilgore was patched btw lol