Everyone is talkng about guest character..hpw about neecharacters

any ideas of what y’all want in a new character?..not only what new character…but what archetype…grappler…rushdown…charge…etc

  • A Goddess
  • A Zombie
  • A Witch
    ?? :neutral_face:

I would like a glass cannon. The closes thing right now is Aria but she doesn’t really have less health than the rest of the cast and her damage isn’t anything special.

The problem is that the cast shares a universal health system thus a glass cannon character would be tricky to pull off. I think a berserker character who gets enhanced qualities at the cost of health would be a better fit.

If I’m not mistaken, there’s gonna be 2 guest characters, and Isgreen said earlier this year that he had 5 new ideas for characters. Don’t know if that means 5 new characters or just 5 different ideas to use in Season 3.

That means:

5 New Characters + 4 Returning Characters + 2 (Or more) Guest Characters

:smiley: :slight_smile:

I’m partial to these ideas:

African Zulu with short spear and long shield.

Haitian Voodoo Bokor or Mambo with white skull paint over the face, a gris-gris around the neck, holding a hoodoo skull fetish or chicken foot (could be a variable accessory) in one hand and a machete in the other.

Cyber Punk with visor over one or both eyes, looks very wired up and covered with robotic prostheses. Uses any variety of cybernetic body weapon implants.

Judge Dredd style cop character tired of looking the other way on Ultratech. (Could be combined with the cyber punk idea.)

Gun slinger fist fighter gambler.

I bet the vampire is happening just because we have all the other movie monsters.

Some kind of cape and cowl archer similar to Green Arrow.

Oh and maybe an Egyptian Anubis Warrior like from The Mummy 2. He would walk digitigrade like Wulf and Riptor. In fact he would use the same body rig only positioned a little more upright and scaled up to about Aganos height. Except this character, instead of moving slowly like Aganos, would move quickly. Weapon should either be a kopesh or sickle in each hand, or a staff with half-circle axe blades on either end.

The archetype for all characters is irrelevant as long as they’re balanced.

Not necessarily. Remember, Adam said that if there is a Season 3, Kim Wu and Tusk are officially confirmed. He never said anything about Gargos and Eyedol (though Gargos is practically confirmed due to all the times he’s mentioned in story mode.)

There is a great topic concerning my #1 pick for a new character. A gorgon by name of Slither.

Wendigo! It’s so perfect for the monster-mash effect.


Exactly! Could you imagine?

It looks pretty Gnarly. What does it do?


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I can totally see a back story centered around the survivor of a disaster forced to eat human flesh to survive and turning Wendigo as a result.

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If he becomes a character, I can see him being a more aggressive, slower Saberwulf. :smile:

Typically, wendigos are described as extremely fast, lanky, and aggressive. There’s even a horror game that came out recently (a month ago) that portrayed them this way.

Wendigo needs to be the fastest thing in the game. Faster walkspeed than Orchid, and Mobility in the air similar to Maya & Sadira. :grin:

Finally some Wendigo fans here ^^

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