Ever fought a douche online in KI? If so and you want to share,describe them here

I fought 2 people online today. The first guy won the next match. Then I won the next 3. He won another one and teabagged. He proceeded to leave. Lol.
The second was the funniest joke ever. He started by calling me trash. He said I sucked. I beat him easily. Then he said he was holding back and would wreck me next round. I rematched and he lost. He said I kept on grabbing and combo breaking(only did one grab and he kept doing opener ender or light rabid doubles). The third,I gave him some distance. He started teabagging and said he did it to my mom. I easily one that one again. The fourth I got a perfect and did a double ultra(was using cinder the whole time). He then said he was gonna beat me and all the (remove word since inappropiate) and losers like me and that I sucked. I messaged him Gg and told him I recommend him to use training mode.

Make no mistake whatsoever. I would say that 60% of the fighting game community are dbags. & I would say that 50% of the entire gaming community as a whole.


I’m sorry to hear that to you. The only thing you can do is keep beating them up in matches. Lol they will learn. And if not, If you can, beat them with their own character. That always shows dominance in the animal kingdom. Lol

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I personally can’t stand people who taunt in the beginning of matches and in between matches. I hate taunts in video games as much as I hate them putting game over screens after you lose.

But if I have to say the thing that pisses me off the most it’s people who full ultra at the end of THE FIRST match. Like 3 ultras in a row. It wastes time and I hope they fix it to one ultra. I’m completely fine with getting ultra’d 1000 times at the end of the set. But the first round is just ridiculous lol

That will NEVER happen, so sayeth the devs.


Last night was Sabrewulf crazy. I fought a bunch of people and they all were wulfs. Probably since Wulf is only a dollar.

Was it a full moon last night? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Wow… That’s really rude.

Halo Community has butt ton. That’s why I only go on the Elites in Multiplayer topic they have there.

Lol I see what ya did there.

Basically the average guy in online games.

The world is full of jerks. It’s difficult to say if gamers are especially bad, or if it’s just that anonymous online interactions allow people to behave that way. I don’t know that the FGC is any worse than other communities. But there is no question that there are a ton of jerks out there.


Yeah, I fought enough dbags online to decide that I didn’t want to play online anymore. I used Glacius a good amount back in season one and trying to play a distance game with him apparently drove some people nuts. Far too much racist, homophobic, “what I did to your mom” garbage.

I fought some really cool people as well, but it was only about 50/50 or 60/40 in favor of the jerks. I just didn’t feel like putting up with it anymore. It didn’t anger me at all, if anything, it kinda depressed me a little; knowing that I had anything in common with people that felt like it was okay to act that way and treat people that way. Just didn’t sit well with me.

So yeah, I didn’t see any reason to put up with it, even if it meant losing out on some fun interactions with some really cool KI fans. I just made the conscious decision to talk to KI fans on this site, as a vast majority of people seem really cool here, while interacting with the game solo or locally or with a few buddies I know that have XB1’s.

I might return to the online space some day, as I do miss interacting with the cool fans in game. But this has been good enough for a while now.

Have I fought douche-hammers online? Absolutely.
Have I ever let it discourage me from getting my money’s worth out of my game purchase? Never.

My trouble, as I’ve explained before, is that as I can’t see who I’m playing against/track the players I’ve fought since I’ve had the game and what rank they are, I can’t tell whether there’s just a whole metric tonne of “d-bags” or whether it’s just the same guy playing the same character similarly for a long period of time. I’ve faced 3 or 4 sabrewulf players who all seem to just hit me with the same, semi-unblockable trash (if I was standing I’m not even sure if I could block it) over and over again. Consequently, rage starts to seep into my game plan and eventually, positioning permitting, I sometimes end up full ultraing them. I mean I know I dislike players who do that to me, but sometimes I feel they just deserve it. Sadiras and Orchids are even worse - the just like to jump over your head and hit you from they other side. Regardless of whether your music is down or not you can’t tell they’ve done it and you get hit from behind by a string that you know you should’ve been able to block, had you been able to see it.

But I just have to keep thinking, regardless of what happens, that one day I’ll eventually get to killer rank and then I can give it a break for a while. Once you get to Killer, for the moment at least, you stay a killer. I do hope I achieve it, not just for the achievement, but to validate that I am actually not as bad as people might think at the game.

Hope you one day reach Killer. In fact,I will make a new account and try to reach Killer rank blindfolded just for you:) Know that you have support. I can see how cross ups are annoying when you can’t see.

I want to fight you:). In fact,just go online and press mute right away. You will have a lot more fun if they keep on bothering you.

True. I always laugh when they do the “I did (insert stuff here) to your mom”.

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That’s when I’m like, “I’m about to give you a reenactment of it to your face”:



LOL JK. I’m actually one of the most respectable people to fight online. And I can be truly honest with that. :laughing:

Depending on the severity of what they did,I can either go from a single ultra toa double ultra or when I’m mad,triple ultra. Never tbag ir taunt though(unless we are far away and having a dance off)(you would be surprised how many times that happenend)

I never do that. Even if I were to comeback from Danger and completely do a EVO-Style comeback, I still give the respect, and don’t push anything. I just jump or dash or something.

I appreciate the support. I believe I added you on XBL, so if you want to fight, just message me and if I’m free, we can throw down. :smiley:

I’d like to see you get to Killer blindfolded, I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts on playing the game without sight, coming from the standpoint of someone who has vision your perspective will doubtless be quite different to mine.

I know the Halo Community is full of them. I should know because some well just straight up call you out and then try to make your opinion insignificant because they claim to have a better K/D ratio.