EventStatus discusses KI Season 3 being exclusive on W10

Ladies and gentlemen, the truth will be televised. Start at 18:00 mark. Your thoughts. He has a point.

He doesn’t have a point, windows 10 is a free upgrade.

I doubt PC folks would even improve the problems this guy is talking about. He mentions low turn outs for KI tournaments but when was the last time you have seen strictly PC fighting game players as house hold names in the FGC? I don’t think it will help the tourney scene at all. I think it will overall help sell copies of the game though.

As for Windows 10, this isn’t an issue. If people really want KI they will download Windows 10. Not only that but Win 10 is already on 200 million devices and 32% of Steam users are already on Windows 10. It hasn’t even been a year yet and gamers are pretty much jumping on Windows 10. In two years pretty much half of these so called hard core PC gamers will be on Windows 10.


The people arguing about Windows 10 aren’t the majority and are just paranoid people who can’t see the irony when they pick up their smart phone and use those mobile services.

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  • windows 10 is FREE upgrade and great, but can how there might be some justified compatibility worries for some

  • the Xbox One app for Windows 10 is great for KI, always have it running when playing, if somebody sends a “gg” comment or something right after a match, shows up on your PC and you can reply back in real time with a keyboard

  • KI on PC has me worried though … PC is known for hackers and cheaters

How will they hack KI? Lag switch is the only thing I an scared of right now though.

He does because he speaks the truth. Bottom line.

Of course its going to be on Window’s 10, THAT’S WHERE THE PC XBOX APP COMES IN. It’s not a “PC release” Windows ten is basically getting a propitiatory Xbox emulator that allows you to play other Xbox users though the same servers. They’re not going to plop it out on Steam or something and NOT have cross-play and cross-purchase. We’ve known KI was going to be an Xbox Win 10 exclusive, as are ALL of the Xbox games coming to PC. That was one of the saltiest, grating videos I’ve ever watched.

When it comes to alot of debates, there is no real truth, only educated opinions and or perspectives based off experience.

You say Truth when in reality it is all opinion jut as the ones who contradict what you say.

All are merely opinion. Or maybe you’d like for KI to be also be compatible with older versions?

But Windows 10 is currently upgradable for free so if they want KI that’s a simple thing. But I can understand the issue behind it. folks don’t trust it.

What is even sadder that negativeness tends to get ALOT of attention this is another cruddy thing that I feel people are not going to be able to let go of. Hopefully a great number of people are able to think critcally and make up their own decisions rather than be stright up influenced by the opinion of others.

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I don’t even bother with my Windows 10 PC very much nowadays, since I can surf most of the web just fine using the Edge app on my XB1 and quick-reply with a plugged in USB keyboard. :wink:

I’m probably not going to bother watching the video.

It makes sense for Microsoft to consolidate their efforts on one OS, since supporting multiple OSes means awkwardly duplicating development resources, maintenance, QA, practically everything. For the most part, users who are willing to use Windows as their OS should be willing to use the latest version – because an OS that isn’t current ends up redundant, broken and compromised – otherwise they should move to the latest stable release of an OS from a provider they are happy with, such as a Linux distro. Some people might have need of a legacy version of Windows to support dated software, but I think that’s likely to be pretty rare, and mostly corporate.

So whatever, I don’t have a lot of sympathy for people who aren’t willing to make the upgrade. If Windows 10 had turned out terrible then I might have had more sympathy, but the hangups people have over it have been minor, paranoid and/or radicalized, and this kind of crowd already rejected Windows 8, so the last Microsoft OS that they widely accepted is already two major releases old. Windows 10 is free ffs, even. So if you’re not happy with 10, you’re probably getting to the end of the line with Windows and need to look at other options.

All that in mind, KI only on Windows 10 seems fine to me.