Eventhubs rant

I know I am propably stating something obvious right here but I want to vent my frustration with this “Fighting games” news site.

Capcom shilling is so real. When something interesting happens with other fighting games, like new patch or character release, there is one article and done.

But when its Capcom game that gets updated, there are buttloads of articles revolving around same topic, like:

“Kolin gets announced”
“Kolin gets four costumes”
“some youtuber does character breakdown based on Kolin trailer”
“What do you think about Kolin new face?”
“some youtuber does reaction to Kolin trailer”
“something something Kilgore”
“Kolin will have 1000 health and 1000 stun”
“SF5 gets another maintenance”
“Here are another batch of theories about Season 2 silouettes”
“another injustice reveal who gives af right?”
“Its not a bug SF5 Season 2 feels slower, its frame data”
“Ono made a bigger dookie than usual, next character hint?”

It makes me wanna puke for real. Mainstream medias are ignorant enough that they think SF5 is the only fighting game around, and top fighting games news site multiplies this stupid trend. I know it propably Capcom making it rain on them instead of fixing issues but it makes me mad regardless.


Don’t forget that every Friday they announce how to complete all the SF V weekly challenges for fight money.

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LMAO! Awesome!

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I don’t visit EventHubs, but I’ve seen other big-time media news sites show favoritism in some form or another. IGN is another such example, because it clearly favors Sony over MS. The real problem and question, though, is this: Should they be morally objective and risk going out of business, or should they be subjective, cover what’s popular, get more clicks, and stay in business. Nowadays, it seems most sites prefer the latter, because in the end, it is still a business.

Eventhubs, like most sites, gets paid based on how many clicks its articles generate. SFV content generates clicks, so they make sure to cover its content in great detail. They also post a lot of FG artwork, which isn’t really “news”, but also generates clicks. They used to post results from weekly tournament streams, but stopped after stating that such articles don’t get many clicks or comments.

Eventhubs is a business, and they would be fools not to cater to the game that best supports their revenue generating model. It’s really no deeper than that. SFV is for better or worse the current FGC darling and largest game. That’s not Eventhubs’ fault. They are simply providing the content that the Eventhubs-visiting people want to see.


Yeah but this information is something I would want to know if I was a SFV player.

And yeah, it’s hard to fault Eventhubs when it’s clear every SFV article they post gets 150+ comments and massive amounts of clicks. They are only posting the type of stuff the people who read their site have proven they will click on. I mean… ideally, we get equal coverage of a bunch of different fighting games but if nobody clicks or comments on articles for other games, why would they keep doing them?

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I infinitely prefer KI to SFV. But I think we all kind of need to get over being mad about it. For every eventhubs article on SF there’s a dozen youtubers posting Minecraft videos. We live in a world where people are free to make bad choices, lol. No point being upset by it.


I’m the 1st to make statements regarding the business model of sites, and yet I’m not the 1 who gets quoted? I feel cheated in a way…

There, I quoted both your posts, hopefully that helps alleviate the feeling of being cheated.


Too late. The very idea that I was “glossed over” in the 1st place is a real quick way to make someone feel like they don’t exist. :unamused:

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Oooooh geek :grin:


Well, Andy was replying to a specific comment Storm said. If you can point me to the spot where you said that same comment, then I’ll agree you were glossed over. But since you didn’t make mention of SFV at all in your post, I’m not sure what Andy would have quoted.

Also, you are now the most quoted person in this thread! :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada:


It’s the idea that he quoted Storm’s comment regarding sites trying to get clicks, when I said it 1st that bothered me. If his response was more geared to him because of SFV, then that is something that I admittedly “glossed over” entirely.

You sound like a little kid who is mad and taking their ball and going home.


It’s ok.

Yeah, that about sums it up. :slight_smile:

I was going to just ignore all this, but Geek the truth is I read this far into your post:

And I figured that told me all I really needed to know so I moved on. I read @STORM179’s post, very much liked what he said and the way he said it and then pulled the quote. I read @Infilament’s post saying the same thing but didn’t quote him either.

I’m not on some sort of marginalization campaign. So if you need validation please enjoy this cookie :cookie:


I can, and did, relate to the topic though - if you think Eventhubs is the sole problem here, then you’re not looking at the full picture, because they’re far from the only site doing his.

The fact that you read 1 line and made an assumption about my post, and thus ignored the rest is rather telling, I think.

You can keep your :cookie:; looks like you already bit off more than you can chew.

:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: you guys stop i can’t take this :joy::joy:

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Eventhubs is a great site. It is not thier fault that SfV is the bigger game. They talk about all FGs with KI included so let them be.