Eurovision Song Contest 2016

So the first semifinal just ended. The second one is thursday & the grand final is on saturday. All of this taking place in my homecountry this year :slight_smile: It would be nice to see the change in Stockholm this weekend but sadly I life too far away from that place.

So, any europeans out there that saw it? Any particular songs you wanted to go to the finals? If you even watch the program at all? =)
Personally I wanted Iceland to make it. Not really sure why it didn’t.

To all you americans on this board, do you even know what Eurovision Song Contest is? Did you see it? Have you ever seen it?
It is the most viewed annual television program ever made. You should be ashamed if you don’t know about it :wink: But if not at least you learned yourself a valuable lesson & I urge you to google up more info about what it is!

I like watching the finals - it’s nice to see all the different entries and the creative things they come up with. Watching Eurovision really makes me want to travel around Europe.

I am from Spain and I can tell you that for the latest 5 or so years, Eurovision is just a laughing stock where many countries send their bizarrest musicians for the sake of trolling the show.

Spain sent an actor in 2008. He wasn’t even a singer

this turd somehow got 55 points lolololol

If it is, then why do Spain every year pay enough to have a granted spot in the final? :slight_smile:

But I do party agree. For some people it is just something to laugh at & to make fun of.
But it also depends on WHEN in your life you’re watching. When I was a kid me & my family always watched it due to the fact that we’re not 100% swedish we always had a friendly battle with our relatives living in the other countries.
But once I reached the age of 14:ish I didn’t care at all up until maybe 25-26 when I started watching again.

As for Sweden, to many it is a laughing stock. To others its just a gayparade of some sorts but many here just like it for what it is. Annual fun. So overall I would say it still is quite popular over here.

As for the songs competing to enter we also have joke songs that many times come far in our final.
This is a song from 2012 that made it really far and later became popular in Sweden. (but as for winning songs that end up in ESC we usually take turns in sending a ballad one year, the year after some boring idol/mainstream/popsong).

As for Rodolfo, I actually liked it ;D it stands out because so many songs are soooo similar.
And goofy songs can be good. Just take a look at What does the Fox say. It was meant to be a simple little sketch for a norweigan humor show :stuck_out_tongue:

Lastly. If you watch it tonight. I really dig when Petra, one of the hosts says her name. She refuses to englify it & says her name in a regular swedish accent.

Every year Spain, Germany, France, Uk & Italy pay to skip(for contributing to the contest) the semifinals to get to the grand final right away. - what other work behind this going on I have no idea about :slight_smile:

Eurovision has always been gay and camp so no one is shoe Horning anything.
Spain like the UK, Germany, France and a couple of others pay the most into the running of the comp so they get granted a place in the finals. That’s why they don’t need to qualify at the semi
BTW I don’t appreciate the term freak to be used to describe someone.

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The big five pay for contributing to the European Broadcasting Union, which helps negotating distribution rights and developing new technologies. In turn they are exempt of passing the cut, which has nothing to do with “paying to win”.

They pay to finance the EBU, skipping semis is just a side effect that has nothing to do with why they pay in the first place.

Conchita Wurst was just a toy marketed by the globalists who design Eurovision.

So apparantly it was broadcast live even in the US o A this year.
Not only on Youtube then ^^

Shame Norway didn’t make it. The best song of all the scandinavian countries this year.
Would also prefer Albania a couple others that made it to saturday.