Etiquette with lag

I need to know if im in the wrong. If im mid match, mid game online and encounter serious lag, i will back off full screen and “jab it out” until it clears. Then get back into it. I’ve had like 3 matches tonight where when i backed off (even let combos drop) the opponent kept on me.

I know not a single player has to respect it. There’s a few ■■■■■■■■ out here. But am i the one in the wrong?

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Nope. I do that too, some people seem to get it and back off.

I usually put my guy in a stand still just because my lag gets so bad I’m at a still screen anyway

Well not everyone is aware of this etiquette. Back when I first started playing the game I would totally just keep playing when people backed off and started jabbing. Once I learned why people did that I felt like an arsehole.


I tend to back off when here’s lag both for courtesy and for safety. So as long as I’m not putting me or my opponent at risk of weirdness

I do that

I had no idea of this bit of etiquette, nor have I encountered it yet, but I will abide it and bear it in mind. Usually when it gets laggy I’m dead anyway. And when it doesn’t get laggy… :sweat_smile:

But I hear that people have found a way to induce lag to give themselves a big advantage

Yeah, lag switching has been around for as long as online gaming, pretty basic processes all the way to full on gadgetry to accomplish the effect (it can happen accidentally, even). In those cases, oh well, what could be done? From the perspective of the player it can be nigh impossible to tell if a lag spike was “natural” or created, so no point in getting too caught up in the whole lag switch paranoia. That’s how I see it anyway.

Dear lord though, lag in fighting games can be the some of the most insufferably irritating things…

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Well said on all notes my man.

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it’s likely no one was aware of what you were doing. Honestly I have never herd of anyone using this form of ettiqute. Usually I just tough it out with my opponent and hope the lag doesn’t stop our glorious battle.

Hell I didn’t even know this was a thing and I try use my etiquette as much as possible.

Yeah I wish this was common knowledge.

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Look up how to forward your ports, might help.
Of course lag can be the other guys fault.

I always back off. Most of the people I play do this as well until the Lag passes. Sadly, I’ve seen a lot of lag lately and in fact got a probation warning… I don’t know how they figure this as my internet was running top notch the entire time. :frowning:

I back off and try to not move at all until it subsides. But if they dont back off as well…well you have to keep fighting. Lag can be frustrating especially if they think they are actually better than you because they broke a lagged heavy AD that took 30 seconds to animate. UGH

Netduma r1 gaming router ftw

i was backing off, but opponent mostly took advantage of it.

Now i usually tell them to fix their dogcrap wifi or gtfo playing minesweeper.


I was laggin hard and was told id be banned once. lol

i back off and jab until the connection re-stabilizes mostly because i’m not the kind of player who can keep her flow going when lag freezes up my screen or makes my inputs came out late. so i guess it’s like half politeness and half functionality.

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