Eternal Champions in Iron Galaxy's hands

Since Killer Instinct is remade by Iron Galaxy, how would you all feel if they got their hands on Eternal Champions from Sega?

They need to remake the game!


You’re not the 1st to suggest this…
Or the 2nd…
Or the 3rd…

That said, I’m entirely in favor of this idea.


You can count me in now too on that, yes :slight_smile:

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But the question is… how do they remake the game?

Plus the story & its characters?

What are your ideas in remaking it for them?

If only there was a way for the story concepts to be something like Back to the future, The Flash, DC Legends of Tomorrow, Terminator and Kang the Conqueror. Anything that relate to time travel ad changing fates/destinies.

Well since Eternal Champions did have Mortal Kombat-like finishers(From the CD Version i mean) with some slight Killer Instinct combo elements to it so i can IG work on a EC game.

The original plot seems fairly good enough for me:

An omniscient being known as the Eternal Champion predicts that mankind will soon fade from existence due to the untimely and unjust deaths of key individuals throughout history who were destined for greatness. Seeking to restore balance to the world, the Eternal Champion gathers these souls from time moments before their deaths to participate in a fighting tournament. The victor will be able to change their fate and bring balance to the universe, whilst the losers will be forced to live out their deaths just as history intended.

Just reboot it, bring back the old characters and add some new ones.


It’d be rgeat tp see it again. While yes the roste risn’t quite as diverse as KI’s it was very good. But two things do set the game apart from others.

-All but one of the characters in EC are good guys (the dark Champion being the exception)
-The concept and story

There is even an explanation for why some of these fighters have learned how to fight with a fighting style was made before their time. (Correct me on that one)

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Eternal Champions, Weaponlord and Mace: The Dark Age are probably the three sequel-less fighting games that I’d like to see brought back the most. I loved their character designs for their time, and still see a ton of potential in their stories and gameplay if properly brought in to the modern world of gaming sensibilities.

As far as Eternal Champions story, I wouldn’t mind it if they maybe changed the plotline a bit to make it something darker and also a tad simpler. Perhaps these are all warriors that actually died, and they’re allowed a chance to live again and perhaps avenge their death by participating in a tournament to crown the Eternal Champion.

But that could simply be the backdrop. They could also use several themes to make the characters more realistic in terms of how they’d react to their deaths, how they’d react to each other, or for fighting for this opportunity, etc. They could also modernize some of the character’s looks, backgrounds, etc the way KI did.

Or they could stick with the old plot and keep the characters the way they were. Whichever. :slight_smile:

Either way, a new Eternal Champions would be amazing.


It would be nice if the protagonist would be someone from the present. Someone who searches for a future in his life and what destiny to take.

While there are fighters who wish to change their deaths and fulfill their goals to change the world.

This game needs both good and evil men and women competing in the contest.

In my story, the Eternal Champion finds this protagonist and offers him to compete in order to see who will be claimed the title and who can change the fate of humanity and the world.

But the dark champion who supports evil chooses evil men and women who feel their ideals are needed. One of them is in the present as the protagonist.

War Gods would be a good remake also

Eternal Champions wasn’t a good game. It had no interesting characters either. Couldn’t care less about it, really. Alot of other fighting games I’d rather see getting remade.

Blasphemy! It had a gangster, a gypsy, a caveman, a future cop, a wizard-alchemist, a zombified vampire, a cyber-boxer, and more!! No interesting characters? Please…


I didn’t have a Genesis so I only played Eternal. Champions a few times at a friends house. Besides having lots of fatalities and hidden stage Enders, I would describe it as pretty mediocre. It’s not the top on my list for a remake.

Having said that, I’m confident IG could produce something good with the IP. So, if you think about how KI was rebooted - focusing on the core elements of accessibility, long combos, and breakers - what would the “core elements” be for EC?

If there are new characters in the rebooted game, what would you all see? They have to be good men & women and evil men & women. Those from the present, and mostly the past & future.

A samurai
A knight
A robot
An aztec

Personally, I like o see Eternal Champions and Primal Rage make a return.


good idea!..james goddard should make weaponlord characters part of the ki story

Personally, I’d just rather see MS secure the Weaponlord license (who has it? Namco maybe?) and have James head up a team to bring a new one out on Xbox One. I’d play the hell out of that!

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We’re talking about Eternal Champions. Back on topic please.

I wouldn’t mind what they did so long as they kept the character taunts that reduced the inner strength bar,


Yeah if they reduce it alittle it might work to.

Heck bar pretty much serves it’s purpose by not encouraging a player to spam a move.