Eschatos, and other Shoot em ups

A thought just ran across my mind just now. Anyone here happen to be fans of Shoot em ups? You know… like Eschatos, Crimzon Clover and the such. I myself have been a long time fan of SHMUPs ever since first discovering Mushihimesama and Touhou years ago. Here is a bit of my Eschatos Playthrough done when the Steam port came out.

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I love these “bullet hell” shooters Dodonpachi and ESP being two of my all time favs. Tesla Punk seemed cool on the X1 really hope we get more

Im still waiting for CAVe to announce SDOJ for Steam. They just HAVE to! SDOJ is hands down my favorite CAVE shoot em up followed by Mushihimesama Futari

Nice playthrough, I really got into shoot’em ups on the x360 - mainly games by Cave and Moss

I think Raiden V is getting a western release for the X1 later this year, it looks pretty good.

This was my 2nd attempt at Hibachi on SDOJ.

I think shmups are my second favorite game genre, used to play them a lot when I was younger. I’m surprised no one has mentioned Chronicle Saviours yet, I’ve sunk more hours into that L4D2. $50 might be steep for some, but being a fan of the series since Darius Gaiden on the Saturn, I had to give it a go.

Ive actually played the original DariusBURST on PSP. I enjoy that one alot more than the rather complicated and difficult AC. " Goodbye My Earth. "

Speaking of Darius, lemme post a bit of my Darius Gaiden Playthrough.