Error Code 9 after purchasing Kim Wu, PLS HELP

So I have not been able to play KI online on the PC version since yesterday because for some reason after I decided to purchase my first fighter in KI the game decides to break on me and continues to give me error code 9 saying Error Loading Save File. You will be unable to save/load game progress. Oh it also charged my PayPal so yea the guys at KI have my money but I don’t have access to my game to even use the fighter I purchased. I am not happy at all about this and I want a refund for my purchase. But first I want to know why I can’t access my save file. I am signed in to everything I know to be signed into. I did changed my primary email in my Microsoft account before making the purchase but how could that have changed anything? I have tried signing out and back in, restarting my computer and I even re-installed the game which took 3 HOURS and that didn’t work so yea, I am not happy at all. I want this fixed and I want a refund. Can someone please tell me what is going on here?

When I am in the game and I try to access the store it says “You are not currently signed into a profile, please sign into a profile to enable this feature.” OMG YES I AM SIGNED INTO MY PROFILE! What in the actual hell is wrong with this game?

Also how do I contact support for this game? I went to the support page on their website and there is nothing there but a small FAQ and no contact form or anything. My KI experience as a new payer is really sucking right now.

Now I am having to redownload the game AGAIN because I tried to undo my last system restore so I could restore back to a point a week ago when this thing actually worked and the restore point wasn’t even there after undoing my last restore and the freaking game uninstalled itself AGAIN so now I am having to redownload this 23GB game for the THIRD time in the past week which will be another 3 hours wasted because this crap doesn’t work like its supposed to. I WILL be getting a refund for my purchase for having to go through all this headache dealing with crap that should’ve worked the first time.

I got in contact with an XBox support person and they were able to help me. So it seems if you update your primary email the xbox app that you log into when you first download KI doesn’t know what the hell you did and you have to relog back into the xbox app with the new email. I figured all of this was done automatically and I didn’t even know about an Xbox app before all of this so I never would’ve figured it out. I think Microsoft needs to abandon XBox and go straight PC.