EPIC BATTLE EVER! The blunt VS the pro(deo) sadira vs fulgore

hey guyz am so happy to share this with yall .
so i think it could give at some of us a real motivation to fight till the end and dont run away or disconnect ranked because of been affraid…

i dont know what to say i was just thinking about don’t give up an do it .
look at the video speak from himself .
and please comment and share i need to know what yall thinking about that situation :sunglasses:.
i can’s self believe it , what a epic comeback !!!

thats literally a 95% combo wow
please comment and let me know ur feeling about that situation.and like if u agree

now i understand @WebNRaGnArOk everything is good in the web :grin: thanx again i think now peoples know they dont have to mess up with that spider B***** :wink:


that’s definitely what I’d call a comeback. Well done- even though I can’t stand Sadira and Fulgore’s my main. :smiley: