"Enhanced" Purple Shadow Effects

During the Twitch stream last night where the new UI for S3 was shown, I noticed that the purple shadow effects that everyone seemed to be hating on lately has been improved a great deal. So much so, that I, for 1, actually kind of like it now. What do you guys think of the new “enhanced” version of the purple shadow effects (swirls and all) and does it change your opinion from before the “enhanced” shadow changes?

I personally prefer this shadow effect over the former one. It just looks better, imo.
I’m glad IG stuck with it and polished it to look better. ^^

I agree that the purple effect has been greatly improved. At this point I would be hard pressed to say whether it was better than the old one or not, but I think it does look pretty good now.

The former purple shadow effect had a “degrading” quality to it, like a meteorite breaking up as it enters the atmosphere. I quite liked that about it, and it doesn’t seem like the latest revision has that anymore. :frowning:

But also, proof that there will always be somebody complaining no matter what changes you make.

It looks a lot better than it did before, but I’m still not really a fan. I really liked the trailing afterimages in the old shadows.

It does look better though, so hopefully they’ll keep improving it up to launch. The effect still looks markedly better on some shadow moves than others.


The old shadow effect was always the first thing I went to in showing off how great KI’s graphics were. I feel the old effect was often taken for granted; looking closely and you see the after images slowly twist and turn into black smoke, very pretty. This new effect is rather generic by comparison, It’s just 2 toned purple smoke.

I can understand that some people found the old effect distracting, I never did, but I can understand that opinion. I’m still holding for switching them as an option, we’ve already seen that the old effect works fine with the new lighting so I’m not sure what the holdup would be. SF4 had all kinds of options for alternatives ot its ink trail effects, though not many people noticed.


It got way better, just like the level 4 ender animation will get way better. I like how IG has shows us the early stuff, even though they know they will receive quite a few complaints.

Yea, these are my thoughts exactly. If they add some sort of trailing afterimage, even if it’s much less prominent than before, I think I will be mostly satisfied. The afterimage was just such a defining feature of shadow moves, I really can’t stand it not being there :confused:


My suggestion is that they should make the shadow trails last longer just like original shadow effects.

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