Ending finale or set up?

So my questions is basically would you guys prefer the official ending of shadow lords to focus on gargos being defeated and having closure. Then season 4 is either a prequel or a year or two later. Or would you like shadow lords to have a cliff hanger or set up ending going right to season 4. I personally think the heroes deserve a break after shadow lord mode and would love season 4 to be a prequel of the first ki tournament, that way we can introduce a true arcade ladder mode into the game and not take away from shadow lords.

I prefer it simply ending. Like being a true finale of the series. That’s just me though because I want a new KI game.


I agree but I still think a mini season 4 that brings eagle, the ki 1 tournament, stages for all remaining characters and a arcade ladder mode would be perfect. Like a small $20 mini season.

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Cliffhanger, only because I don"t want Gargos to be gone and forgotten.

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Maybe I misinterpreted the ending but Gargos was filled with souls of Shadow Lords he consumed and when he was done for, they all left his body looking for another to inhabit or to be reincarnated ( don’t remember exact wording). So now we have the foundation for many many more awesome new shadow lord characters, if I read it right lol

Anyway I like cliffhangers and hope a hypothetical S4 can be like a mini set up for the next Ki game in a way.

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In the long run, I’m thinking that personalized endings ala the Gargos play through ending would be ideal. Give each character a sense of closure.

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Yeah, I was expecting the captain of your team to get the ending (or if he died, the first survivor/person who beat Gargos). So I was disappointed in the universal ending. I love the mode though and maybe other endings for certain characters will be added on final release.

Still havent heard from any of the team yet what the added value of your teamcaptain is and if there even is any influence because of who you picked (aside from who gets locked out…

That’d be nice too. But idk, the Definite Edition sure looks like a send off .

Very disappointed with the ending… pretty much blinked and it’s over. The mode itself is great fun… buy after all the anticipation during the days played etc the ending just made my smile disappear. Wish there was more put into the story elements and really showcase these characters. Gargos popping into little balls and raining on characters isn’t hype nor closure. Here’s hoping for an expansion or something on offical release.

Hopefully there will be more by the time the eyedol expansion comes through

I’m pretty sure that what we currently have now is the beta ending and that they’ll give the rest when it launches but I’m not crossing my fingers for anything of higher quality than the current ending.

It’d be too sweet to have the last version unlock a character viewer
Access to practice stages, ki2 sdtk, new accessories etc

And an update to shadow lords with a new threat to replace Gargos season 4

Then season 4, Gargos will be a stock character along with the others as is

Shang Tsung
Lex Luthor
The Joker

All those villains who are on fighting game rosters

Same here. I think KI4 needs to be darker though, a little more realistic and not as shiny and bright as KI3.





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Hey @developers @blitz, I have a bit of a suggestion for Gargos’ special ending:
When you fight the “doppelganger”, it should be dressed in a mimic skin. It would fit thematically (mimic and doppelganger are synonymous), and look awesome.

Yeah, I’m kinda split on this.

On one hand, it would be great to see a new KI start fresh with the higher budget, better tech, and consistent production values that the series deserves.

On the other, I don’t want to lose any of the characters and features that KI2013 has developed over the years in the transition. Plus I don’t want to wait 2-3 years for new content. :stuck_out_tongue:

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If I have to wait a few years for another KI but I get this kind of quality or better. I’ll gladly wait then. Not a problem. Quality isn’t something that is rushed. A master piece takes time.

Just like my girl ARIA.