Ending Art

At the end of Season 1, there were photo slides for each characters. I was wondering if these were ever made public.

I can’t seem to find any that don’t have text and just show the photo. I’m mainly looking for Jago’s.


I would like an actual high-res wallpaper of this one

Not that I’m aware of.

Just do what I did, and that is take a photo of the scene you want, then crop it slightly to get rid of the words.

But that’s the Ostrich way lol


Like a true ninja.

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This is straight outta from the game’s video files with the PC version. I took a snapshot of it using VLC Media Player. Is this good enough for you?


Yeah, dude thanks I appreciate it! I’ll look into the files also and see if I can get the photos I want. Is the resolution locked at 1280 x 720, or is it dependent on your monitor?

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Seems so, from my understanding.