Emotional Games

So what games have you played that basically give you the feels and are tearjerkers too along with causing you to weep AND shed tears even?

Two games currently have already done ALL OF THE ABOVE to me here most especially their endings and they are:
Ori and the Blind Forest
Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Actual Tears ? None… The only piece of Media that brought me to tears was the first Pokemon Movie where


Ash Dies and all the Pokemon’s cried for him

… I cried too.

That being said… Both Ori Games and Beyond: Two Souls almost turned on the Water Works for me… Truly Heart Breaking Stuff.

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I got all misty eyed when they stopped selling Mozzarella sticks at my fav pub, but you mean video games…

Let’s see…

I actually really felt the emotional bond between Subject Delta and Elenor in BioShock 2, far more than I thought I would. I thought the concept of a “father” wanting to get back to and protect his “daughter” and his ultimate sacrifice was most touching and something not really seen in games at that time.

I oddly got a little misty eyed when I replayed Halo 4 and Cortana “died” at the end.

There were a few moments in the Mass Effect trilogy that really gave me pause.

I also felt pretty bad for Raynor during the course of StarCraft II. I mean, that guy has some serious issues, and not just his alcoholism and depression which are manifestations of his problems.

Of the more recent games, I’ve played would be replaying the added content to FF15. I already knew how it ends, but then I started fighting the judges right before the final boss fight and “Es it Foron” began to play. It was so epic it made me sob. The song still does that to me today.