Elemental Stages and Affects

I think there should be elemental stages that affect a fighters appearance or abilities, such as fighting in water will make Cinder’s submerged parts disappear or cool off the burnout. Same for Glacius at Cinders stage, the heat from the stage, it’ll just melt his shatter ballsicles. Not really elemental but Sadiras webs should catch Kan-Ras bugs. Or how about Gargos’ portal punches in the Astral Plane? Why would he punch through the Astral Plane if he’s already in the Astral Plane?

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While it may be interesting on the fighter’s appearance, I think it’s bad to have it affect the characters abilities. Stages like that will definitely effect the balance of the game for the wrong reasons. Both sides are supposed to have an even ground. Characters shouldn’t be at a disadvantage just because of the stages they’re on.


This sounds like way too much work for something that will only annoy people.

Aesthetically, it sounds like a okay idea, but the thing about that is most players will want a certain amount of continuity to how their character’s specials look in game, namely because it serves as a visual cue to both the player and his opponent about certain timings and properties of the characters’ specials. Mess with that, and you get a great deal of misinformation from picking a certain stage/character combo.

As for the stage affecting the character’s abilities, this shouldn’t happens as diagonalspy said, both character’s need to walk in to the arena on equal footing. The arena shouldn’t benefit anyone, otherwise the game’s balance is thrown off. A huge example of this is the object interaction in Injustice 1, which HEAVILY benefited some characters over others. The arena should not be able to impact the player ability in any way as far as in game mechanics to ensure a fair and optimized fight.

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