Elemental-based characters

Since Glacius, Cinder & Aganos, KI needs more elementals.

  • Water character: A merman/mermaid (Aquaman, Namor, Rain, Ocean Master, MerMan)
  • Wind character: A harpy (Hawkman/Hawkgirl, Harpie Lady) or Djinn/Sylph (Fujin, Smoke, Red Tornado, Storm)
  • Plant character (Poison Ivy, Groot & Swamp Thing)
  • Metal/Crystal character
  • Electric/Lightning character (Raiden, Electro)

Glacius - liquid
Cinder - plasma
Aganos - solid

Any “gas” character in mind?

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I thought i saw Meth/ Crystal character

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Omen counts as a gas type character???

A djinn or sylph can work for a wind character.

Glacius is more of a “cold” element, by which I mean the thing that makes water turn to ice. Personally.

And although Cinder is Plasma he fits the fire elemental really well.

I wouldn’t mind anything of the sort coming to KI.

You got elemental based characters in mind?