Elder fighter

If there was a fighter of old age, what do you picture it as?

Classic kung fu martial arts master

An old monster hunter like from the Night Guard?

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Isn’t ARIA technically one since she like 60+ years old. :smirk:

Old woman in tracksuit and a waking stick.


I was thinking of some type of dragon character that is say 7000 years old.

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8 Bit drunken kung fu style.

If love to see a Shun Di looking drunken master / Sage that was a sort of guide for the good guys. Maybe through the story you find out he’s a returning ichorien taking the form of a human.

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Since KI uses familiar tropes but spices it up a bit (IE Jago is not a Ninja, but a Tibetan Monk, Kan Ra not a Mummy). The wise old sage being a fat old lady that yells a lot I would probably main. We need another joke character, wise old sages are often it.

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