Eh Tu Brute?

Okay, so I noticed something interesting, but that seems to make the game inconsistent. A while back, on the old S2 forums, 1 of the developers stated that in order to keep the rating of the game down, they were required to remove the blade from Hisako’s naginata as it impaled her opponents. When I read this, I was like “okay, that makes sense.” However, just yesterday, I was practicing with Fulgore in an attempt to get better with him and I did what a lot of players do - I threw my opponent. Interestingly enough, a memory of what the dev stated flashed in my mind and I realized that when Fulgore stabs his opponent as part of the throw, his blades clearly stick through the opponent. So my question regarding this is actually 3-fold:
(1) Why is the game inconsistent between Hisako and Fulgore?
(2) How did DH/IG get away with this?
(3) How did the ratings board not see this clear violation of their requirement to not have bladed weapons sticking through characters?

Devs, care to comment?

If those things happens w/ Hisako and Fulgore im done. Its more than proven. KI needs M rating on every single version asap. This game was originally made for adults. Keeping it on T rating is a big mistake. It sucks how even Conker Bad Fur Day has the M rating and KI still rated as teen even after 20 years. We’ve been longing for ultimates now this? Seriously, i’ll stop playing this KI if it turn into a complete kid game. Not so far from turning KI into super mario all stars crappy joke game. Beware IGS and Microsoft, beware. We don’t want, we don’t like nintendo childish games.


I completely agree about the kiddie aspect. MKX is doing pretty well.

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Hey whats wrong? KI ultra edition are already rated “M” for mature. Check this out.

There was a thread about this in the old forums in which Adam actually intervened and addressed this inconsistency as while the Naginata looks like it is impaling the opponent, the Fulgore throw doesn’t appear as though the laser blades are actually piercing the opponent. From the angle it’s presented, it appears as though Fulgore does a hard gut punch and lifts them with his hand, his blades just at a convenient angle where it looks like it is impaling, but is up to question.

Hisako’s older version left no doubt the Naginata impaled, while the Fulgore throw doesn’t necessarily give the impression the blades are what are lifting the opponent instead of his hand. Because of this, they could “get away” with this little visual feature.

As for the M vs T discussion, it’s been done to death in the previous forums and there are a LOT of compelling reasons to leave it a T rating. There is no need to make this game M rated. If you really need all the reasons why, check out that thread when they bring up the archived version of the old forums to see the almost 20 page thread that eventually got locked out.


But the originals on SNES and N64 are T.

yeah, no problem. If you have ultra edition you’ll be fine.


I did consider that with Fulgore’s claws, but I think that’s just a cop-out or lousy excuse - it’s painfully obvious that it stabs THROUGH the opponent! No character is thin enough to fit between the blades! Least of all a character like Aganos. :stuck_out_tongue:

“Et* tu brute?”


I’m calling BS on the whole impaling thing with the Teen rating. In MK vs DCU, Deathstroke impaled his opponent with his sword in one of his fatalities, and Baraka impaled his opponent with both of his arm blades in one of his.

MK vs DCU was rated teen, so obviously that wasn’t a problem.

Here’s the official rating summary from the ESRB:

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe is a fighting game in which players engage in one-on-one contests of strength using popular heroes and villains from DC Comics and characters from the Mortal Kombat fighting games. Players kick, punch and block their way to victory, which is achieved when the opponent’s life meter is depleted. Players can perform a variety of combos and special moves, some of which result in brief splashes of red blood. After an opponent is beaten twice, players can perform one of several finishing moves called ‘fatalities’ and ‘brutalities.’ Fatalities depict a variety of dramatic finishing moves including gunshots, stabbings and neck snaps. Female characters are depicted in revealing clothing with exaggerated breast proportions and movement.

If gunshots, stabbings, and neck snaps are okay for another teen rated game, why is it not okay in KI?


Well that’s kind of ironic, given KI’s history…

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i miss the old nintendo. The snes golden era. Now w/ this wii thing… Nevermind.

You may not want it, but most of us like actually playing the game, not just watching silly gore and pretending it’s “adult.” This topic was worn out on the old thread and it doesn’t need to be retread here.

I do have to say that your suggestion that the original KI was made for adults is a joke. Yeah, it may have an M rating but I didn’t see a lot of adults standing around my arcade playing it. Adults didn’t play Conker’s bad fur day either. These were games designed with “mature” content intended to appeal to adolescents, not actual adults. If you’re going to tell me that a No Mercy involving a girl flashing her breasts in order to make her opponents eyes bug out and kill them is “adult” then I think you have a stilted definition of the word.


I guess because of Fulgore’s grab blood doesn’t come out? And with Hisako every strike causes blood to shoot out? I don’t know the ESRB is weird. Cyber Dinosaurs eating people, people shooting Plasma and Fire you know how hot those are?

Just telling you what the devs replied to in the old thread. Hopefully the old archived Forums will come online soon, and you could probably see that post yourself. Just relaying what I remember seeing then, no theory on my part.

So, let me ask you - you think IG and MS are lying about this because they just secretly wanted to remove the impaling animation that they had already put into the game? What are you suggesting? What are you calling B S on?

The ESRB is a group of people, not a robot. They make decisions on a case by case basis. You can disagree with what they do, but they rate the games. You can disagree with MS position that KI will be a T game. But there’s no reason for them to fudge or obfuscate the reasoning behind a decision like removing the impaling naginata blade.

Actually they already explained this. Fulgore’s blade goes through opponents cause it’s not a solid weapon like a sword. While the logic is a bit confusing I don’t think it’s a real issue.

Aww cmon! You’ve got my point don’t you? You don’t care if KI turns into a nowadays nintendo-like game? It’s KI. Both classic games has killer finishers. Soon we’ll be able to perform an ultimate with shago. I haven’t told anything about gore or that kind of stuff. Just keep the game as it is. You may notice when someone is telling that the game is for adult off-course its for mature audiences, the people who understand what they are playing and how challenging the game is. See MK vs DC. It was made for kids and even Ed Boon recognizes that making this kind of game was a big mistake.

Actually: MK VS DC’s violence was toned down because DC didn’t want their characters gettin their heads chopped off or suffer a super gory death. Had they been fine with it I’m sure Midway would of went nuts.

This. That’s why MK vs. DC sucked. It’s also why the Injustice game did so much better than the crossover, given that it was a total DC character game (with an obvious DLC exception) they could abandon the complete fatality mechanic.

I don’t get why people think the T rating is like a sign of weakness. Adding a M rating isn’t going to magically jump start the sales of the game, or skyrocket it’s popularity.