Edit: (OMG I feel so dumb) mapping menu navigation keys on keyboard

I have a request in regards to the key mapping for keyboard: make menu navigation keys mappable as well as in-game controls. Tonight I had a bit of a major issue that as things are can’t be fixed. I have KI running on multiple devices, one of which is a custom arcade cabinet, which uses a 2-player X-arcade tankstick, and the PC simply recognizes it as a keyboard. I remapped the tanksticks buttons to accomodate single-player play, but when I tried to set it for 2 players… :rage:

The issue is, when you pick 2 player local using a keyboard it changes the menu controls and allocates P1 to the left side of the keyboard (WASD, etc), and the second player is allocated to the right side(number pad). In doing this it screws up all the controls to where the left stick is now controlling player 2’s :arrow_up::arrow_down::arrow_left::arrow_right: controls, the right stick, does something completely different, etc, etc.

What I would suggest is to have it where aside from the in-game controls, we could also remap the single player menu navigation controls, as well as the local multiplayer navigation controls as well. Doing this would allow any setup to work as the user needs.

I’m guessing people that use key mappers such as X-input would have similar woes as well.

Oh my goodness I feel so dumb. I know this has been something I have gone on and on about in several threads over the past couple of years and has been largely ignored, but unless I was mistaken and an update changed something sometime, the only issue is that the WASD and the :arrow_up::arrow_down::arrow_left::arrow_right:️ buttons BOTH control menus, so if you set player 1 up to use :arrow_up::arrow_down::arrow_left::arrow_right:️ in single player, when you switch to local vs it’ll hand those buttons over to player 2 and give player 1 its default WASD.
Dang I feel like an idiot.

…unless of course I am mistaken and the controls to some degree did change on unmappable controls sometime in the past couple of years, but either way my issue with the controls on my arcade tankstick are resolved. 1 & 2 player games work just fine now.

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