Ed boon tweeted mkxl vs ki konfirmed>

I heard this …idk if its true…but…im curious…cn anyone check that on twitter


It is real


He posted a picture of a Hisako cosplayer facing off against a Scorpion cosplayer at some convention.

It’s nothing about an actual game.


but he wrote #konfimred

He is also a kahnfirmed troll who likes to mess with people lol take his twitter posts with a grain


There’s no MK v KI. Clearly he was referencing the picture. He’s also the biggest troll in the gaming industry.


fair enough…but maybe theres hope…i mean phil spencer did say hell make it up to us xbox players because ps got the sf5 exclusive…so maybe its away to make it up to us…well I’m hoping…but who knows

SF5 hasn’t exactly turned out to be something to be jealous over. Would take KI 10 times over before SF5


I got trolled again…


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Guys… come on…
As someone who has followed Mortal Kombat since day one, and Ed Boon’s twitter… He’s a HUGE twitter troll! Don’t take anything he posts seriously. XD


lol true…but still…

Ed Boon, the worlds greatest troll.

Tread lightly on what you perceive as “confirmed” whenever he post something.

Damn, I got trolled hard. But epic picture though. :wink:

Maybe someday they can actually make it work.

I could see it happening if KI wasn’t XB exclusive, but that fact alone makes me think it won’t ever happen unless they can somehow agree to make the game (MK VS KI) available on both platforms.

Don’t take anything that guy says seriously.

Just a joke. If it did happen it would be pretty cool. It would also raise the popularity of KI but I doubt MS would allow their characters to get decapitated.

Which combo system do you guys think they would use?

it could be awesome for KI. Just imagine…

I’ve always said that if there were two fighting games I would like to see be clashed together, it would be Mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct. It makes more sense to me than MK and Street Fighter… or even Tekken and Street Fighter. XD


You got trolled mates.

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You may be blowing this out of proportion. By the same logic, Eyedol has been #confirmed several times here, doesn’t mean its happening. Sorry to dash your hopes, but Ed Boon’s Twitter is a maze of trolling.

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