Anyone else watching the eclipse?
To those in the future, did you like/miss it?


Checked over 5x over the course of an hour - it was too cloudy where I live… :pensive:

Rough :frowning: I had clear skies here the whole night.

I was working…Well, in about 13 years…we’ll see it again. Lol

I wasn’t able to see it in daylight. :frowning:

I can’t see eclipse becaus of clouds. :unamused:

Not great quality but it was awesome


Glad at least one other person got to see it. Bummer so many missed it :frowning:

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I saw it last night, and it was nuts!!!


Seriously? a lot of u missed it? This one is RARE and happens every 35 YEARS!.. :confused:

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For those that missed it Have another one:


Tell me about it, and the next one won’t come until 2033. I was so glad to see it. I wanted to take a picture of it, but the street lights were in the way and it was too dark

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I miss the eclipse AND Supermoon aka Blood Moon as well for the exact same reason as some of you guys there: The overhanging/overlying clouds :disappointed: :pensive: But at least the world did not come to an end last night :wink:

I was on a roadtrip at the time, and STILL missed it! I was surprised lol I guess I’ll have to wait till next time too.

TBH, I was playing KI. And II don’t want to see Eclipses for a while…(WULFS XD)