Easter eggs

I dont know if there are any easter eggs in the game but it would be neat if there were some based on these forums.
Something like a “stay tuned” or “unoad the toad” easter egg would be really cool.

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Well there is a sorta Easter egg in Kim wu stage. There is a torn tj combo poster with a graffiti painted over it starring "cyborg sellout "

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Idk if it counts or not but Rash’s Conker accessories is kind of an easter egg lol

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There’s supposedly 2 easter eggs on the Arbiter’s stage.

There’s a crap ton of pop-culture references in the stages, characters, and costumes. :wink:

Thunder’s retro jacket references the original Killer Instinct as well as the year it was released. :slight_smile:

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in fact Thunder’s retro jacket had a “RIP Rare” patch in it. Savage.


Retro Jago’s color 3 has “Killer Cuts” stamped on his shirt, referencing the CD. And his 4th accessories (Jagotron) is an on the nose reference to Voltron.

Sabrewulf’s retro also has a Zombie dog color (Resident Evil 2) and a color that appears to be Maximilian Dood’s dog, Benny.

And if I recall, there was a originally going to be voodoo character for the original arcade games, but was scrapped. Eyedol’s retro however, has a full ragdoll costume, possibly referencing this cut idea.

There are also several various logos enprinted in Fulgore’s internal chest parts. His green color, which I might add bears a striking resembelance to Master Chief’s armor, has an Xbox logo on his laser,
One color has the Double Helix logo, and the yellow retro Fulgore has a Rare logo stamped on the inside of his chest panel.


Don’t forget about fulgore’s chest plate it’s supposed to be an eagle not the one on the inside on the outside even got two small eyes on it

I found this a while ago, I never got a comment as to why it is there and it was cool to see. There was a thread I made on it so I’ll just link the video. Enjoy!


Wow it almost looks like the lvl4 ender cut scene place u go to lol

All of the small things in the lower left, are the projections that display when you change training music. Don’t know why they are stored there but, they probably never intended anyone to juggle that high :smirk: