Eagle's outfits

I have thrown around this idea in several threads, but if Eagle gets put in, how about for some of his accessory sets…modern, retro, whatever…they give him full sets of clothing styles from various other native American tribes, such as Mohican or Sioux?
Here’s some examples, though to be frank I couldn’t nail down what tribe they are from:

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Those are nice but in all honesty if they do add Eagle I think I’d like him to simply dress ready for a fight and not be garbed in the standard First Nations Aboriginal clothes.

Not to say there’s anything wrong with that (In my best Seinfield voice :yum:), but it would be cool if there was more to him visually than just his culture.

My opinion only. Not saying wanting him to look like that is wrong or anything. Cool pics by the way.

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seriously, Thunder is boring enough. Implementing another native american with all his charisma of a wooden table would be the worst way to end season.

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I could easily see Eagle dress completely different and not representing his native roots in a stereotypical fashion like Thunder does. Especially after all the sh#t he’s been through, I bet representing the Native Americans and his tribe is the last thing on his mind.

He can be Native American without having to dress like one. Just like I don’t put a Viking helmet on every day, just because I’m Scandinavian.

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If they go with a traditional garb, it would make the most sense to be Nez Perce. In fact: http://venturebeat.com/2015/09/03/how-microsoft-enlisted-an-indian-tribe-to-design-thunder-character-in-killer-instinct/

So they actually got a member of the tribe to help design Thunder’s appearance.

I would like to see a techno-Nez-Perce design. Eagle’s time spent with Ultratech in their basement may have left him with certain “enhancements”. Perhaps his gameplay would be an amalgamation of Thunder and Fulgore.

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With all the effort they put into Thunder’s outfit & meeting with the Nez Perce to make it as authentic as possible, I really doubt they’ll use another Nez Perce character to say “F*** that noise, ya’ll are a bunch of a-holes that ruined my life”

What’s more important? Representing a character’s origin, or representing the character itself?
I personally think that the character itself is more important. Yes, the origin does flavour a character, but it shouldn’t be EVERYTHING the character is about. That’s when we enter stereotype-territory.

A character should be defined by everything they have been through, their past, their story, just like with real people! If character development was only about “This is the Japanese guy, this is the German guy, this is the American guy”, then KI could just as well be Street Fighter with an all stereotypical roster.


Yeah, I think I agree with both of these. I could certainly see some part of his culture represented, like a half covered tattoo or something like that, but if anything, I’d kinda rather see them do something specific to the character.

Thunder, and the way he looks, makes perfect sense to me. I also think he avoids being tropey simply by virtue of the fact that he’s realistically representing a real culture and that’s a big part of who the character is, so to me, that works.

But maybe they could take a different path with Eagle, like maybe he’s been corrupted or brainwashed by Ultratech, so he’s more of an Agent Smith / business suit type? Or maybe they’ve experimented on him and turned him in to a sort of cyborg, so he’s human, but with some exposed metal and wires. Or maybe his genes have been spliced we get a kind of mixed, man / sea creature type of character.

I think that there are a lot of ways they could go that would make the character more unique than having another native American that HAS to reflect his traditional culture. I mean, between Nightwolf (MK), T.Hawk (SF), Wolf Hawkfield (VF), Michelle/Julia Chang (Tekken), Black Hawk (Samurai Shodown) etc, we don’t exactly see a ton of Native American’s outside of “traditional” attire or outside of some rather stereotypical jobs or stories, etc.

Maybe Eagle could just be a guy that happens to be Native American and not “the Native American guy” in this game? I don’t mean that harshly either, as again, I don’t think Thunder’s new iteration is offensive or whatever. I just think it’d be cool to take a different path with this character.

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This is exactly what I want as well. I don’t want a Thunder the Second, but a unique character with original looks and moves!

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If/when they do Eagle they will definitely be incorporating some aspect of his culture, because @TempusChaoti mentioned in another thread that added Eagle back into the KI story after a meeting with the Nez Pierce gave them some really great ideas on how to handle the character.

Incidentally, @VerminatorX I wouldn’t say Thunder’s stoicism means he lacks charisma. I would say the character definitely leaves an impression on you. Personality doesn’t necessarily mean jumping all around whooping and hollering and saying catchy things. Not every character has to be like Cinder to be interesting.

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I can imagine Eagle be this really angry character. He was tortured for who knows how long, held captive, experimented on… I could see him having mentally snapped, and Thunder will never have the brother back he once had. A tragic story.

So when Eagle meets ARIA, he just goes berserk and has the true… Killer Instinct!

… sorry, that was cheesy, but you know what I mean. XD

Mira and Maya are sisters … and they have absolutely nothing to remind one another. visually speaking

Why the hell do you think the Eagle a guy stuck for years, going out and wearing a headdress with feathers?

If the accessories have something related to indigenous … celebrate! I do not bet on it!

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The two brothers on OVERWATCH are nice examples of a difference of appearance yet retaining the culture.

The robotic soldier is still as much a samurai as hanzo… Just saying

I do like how they added Maya sister Mira and had nothing but moveset of Fwd+FP and the idle fidget as similar motions.

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I’m guessing that if eagle was fulgore with missing parts he’d look something like this:

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Also, some cables hanging from his back, like in the novel.


I’d hope that if he gets added that his outfit isn’t just another authentic native American theme, we already have Thunder who’s outfit was amazing and authentic, then he got a second costume of the exact same theme that’s even more authentic than the first one, we really don’t need another character in the same theme do we?

Just because he’s native American it doesn’t mean he needs to be dressed in traditional garb, he could have a sci-fi outfit or just regular street clothes, or even some crazy Ultratech suit he made off with. Thematically we don’t really want to see the exact same thing as Thunder do we? We already have a proud warrior in realistic clothing, make Eagle something new.

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