Eagles of Death Metal and Attack on Paris

Yes, changing your profilepic might show that you ‘care’.
But honestly, what difference will anything make if you put a layer of color on a profile picture?

The next day you will go shopping like every other day, you will rage at the slow car in front of you. You will get mad at the old woman before you who don’t know how to handle credit cards in the cashregister.

I know what’s mean “Allah” but Allah is not real. Some Muslims force us to bow. Isis are really idiot because they use person with bomb then kill himself. Isis always kill Christians! Why? Because they want to stop Christians.

One more thing… I’m Christian…

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You can’t stop living your life just because a tragic event happens…when you do that they win.


Well there is a difference between us and France. We have guns, lots of em.

I don’t disagree

@KevBones100 Many Muslims are not for ISIS or extremism, thats all I’m saying.

@KillerSwift7 I don’t think Nightswipe was saying people are supposed slow their lifes in the face of the tragedy. Rather he’s saying that the French flag avatar pictures are disingenuous.


Youre an idiot isis has killed more muslims then non muslims it has nothing to do with religion whats going on youre just a sheep that listens to the mainstream media and believes everything youre told go get yourself educated before you talk

lmao where have you been for the past year i dont know which group youre talking about but yes theres a group called isis who say they are muslim carrying out attacks but they are really not they are just using the name to make real muslims look bad

ISIS considers them selves to be Muslim, but then again the Klu Klux Klan is a Christian group.

There’s multiple interpretations of many different faiths. Unfortunately some take a violent approach or even manipulate it for their own personal gain…

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I live in Spain…


How many mass shootings have been prevented in USA thanks to having armed citizens? None.

But the KKK is a racist organization. That’s what drives them, not religion.

Then I guess the Inquisition had “nothing to do with religion” because it killed more Christians than others.

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No i meant religion is just being used as a cover for whats really going on behind the scenes my point was if isis were really muslims they wouldnt be killing their own let alone anyone at all it has nothing to do with the ordinary muslim living down the road to anyone

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These extremists are being trained and financed by people with economical interests, but if they weren’t believers in the first place, they wouldn’t be eligible for brainwashing

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Yep. Same thing when Breivik killed all those people on an island in Norway. People changed their picture to a norweigan flag as a tag. Then they do nothing else, they don’t change their behaviour in life in any way, don’t solve problems or come up with solutions to them, don’t become a better person. And after some time they remove the picture.

In time though everything will eventually be forgotten.

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I wasn’t referring to you personally/where you live :slight_smile: more of america as a whole. Don’t you agree that the people over there think of Europe as 1 country? I certainly get that impression many times.

I’m in the US and I see Europe as a continent not a country, its made of many countries.


Wow… You’re really rude.

Well, they’re not real Christian group.

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They don’t have to be believers before hand, they just have to impressionable or scared (these tend to be teens to young adults) alot recruitment rely heavily on this.

If your meaning faith in general, it does rely on fear.

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Africa too for that particular matter :stuck_out_tongue: