Eagles of Death Metal and Attack on Paris

This is getting out of control. Really…The JV Team aint so JV any more.

Just checked the whole thing on Twitter and FaceBook. It is so disheartening that innocent lives were taken by monsters filled with hate. Even though I have never been to Paris during my time in Germany, I’ll be praying for the family of the victims #PrayforParis #NotAfraid


Just found out the death toll in Paris, France is 120 dead/120 people killed in the capital city from these latest strings of terrorist attacks. Also this latest event happens to be the deadliest for the nation of France since World War II. Not only that it looks like (and I think) this is the second time in a row AND in recent history that France has been hit by terrorists/terrorist attacks. As for me here, all I have to say now is this: Wow, just wow. Unbelievable too :neutral_face: :open_mouth:

BTW just out of curiosity, who or what exactly are the Eagles of Death Metal and the JV Team? I really have no idea who or what they are nor have I heard of them before :confused:

Eagles of death metal(i never heard of them) is an American band that was doing a show that was ambushed and where most’s of the deaths happened. The “JV” team was a lable that Obama gave ISIS down playing them as the “junior varsity” team of terrorist org’s, while they are killing thousands of inocent ppl.

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I see now. So thanks for the explanations. Appreciate it too

I may go to a show next week. But after reading about this I am starting to have second thoughts…


Scre-w isis and Allah! I hope America, France and Russia soldier destroy isis. >: (

Isis helping?? Who said that?

How can a country like France be in maximum alert due to the Charlie Hebdo attacks, yet Europe welcomes thousands of syrian refugees with well known ISIS terrorists inflitrated? Europe is living a collective hallucination thanks to cultural marxism.How comes nobody sees this?

We all know who are to blame.


Everyone on FB is placing French flags on their profile pic in supporting flags, but there were also other disasters around the world



And apparently 10,000 Syrian refugees just landed and enter USA in New Orleans Louisiana! all male refugees ages 18-35. Could this be a mini terrorist army entered into America masked as refugees? That’s what a lot of ppl are saying!

Crazy man… no one should be entering america…america needs to take care of its own ppl…not others countires


Man, they better do a background check on them, lest we suffer the same fate as Paris, Japan, and other countries.

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Thats just the way slactivism works. It goes with whatever gets the most attention. Granted the whole French situation is pretty damn awful.

@KevBones100 ‘Allah’ is actually a broadly used word for god, it’s not specifically “Muslim” but even then most Muslims don’t agree ISIS’s homicidal bullshit.

The phrase: Allahu Akbar is starting to feel more and more sarcastic to me. Is God good? “I don’t wanna start any blasphemous rumors, but I think that God has a sick sense of humor.” lol

idk but what I do know is that nobody KNOWS they just believe.


Get this and I decided to mention too another tidbit of news concerning France: Right now France just got hit by another new disaster this time a train derailment involving this all-new high-speed train that was being tested. So far the death toll from this latest disaster for France is 10 dead/10 people killed.

It’s tragic, how such horrible human beings will go out of their way to harm innocent people and use the name of our maker to justify it. Its disgusting.
Those who are responsible have to be stopped now.

My condolences for the loved ones of the victims. I hope Paris will be able to recover from this tragedy. I know it will never be the same for them again.

God isn’t the reason this happed. People like ISIS are using his name to justify their actions. Just because some people claim to be loyal to him doesn’t mean what they do is condoned by god. Buit this isn’t about religion. Its about the attacks.

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Know that every country in europe has a different system, different views, different language, different religion.

When will people in America stop seeing Europe as a country?

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