Eagle Windows Store error 0x80070490

When I try to purchase eagle on KI PC I get error 0x80070490. I re-installed the game, Windows is up to date and I ran sfc /scannow which yielded no error…any advice? I have all seasons purchased.
Thanks in advance!

Tagging ppl that might can direct you into the right direction.

@rukizzel @xSkeletalx @FinchoMatic @TotalJimkata


Also you can try purchasing Eagle through the ms store in the browser. here is the link

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Have tried that, it says I already own it and yet I still get same error on PC.

have you tried logging out of the store and xbox app, and launching the game and login when the the game asks?

I just tried it, thought it would work instead it said LOOKS LIKE YOU ALREADY OWN THIS ITEM and proceeded to give the same error msg as I specified above. I think I’m not the only one with this issue on PC. Devs??? Microsot Market peeps??? ANYONE???

I have the same issue with eagle, shin hisako and killgore.

Apparently I’m eligible for them since I bought the supreme edition that contains them :

but yet I can’t play with them nor buy them

Have you reached anything?

I have also this issue with Eagle. Can’t acquire him, can’t even buy him if I wanted to, quite bizarre.

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