EAGLE - The No-Soul

The no-soul - Thunder brother.

Eagle possesses weapons that are a cross between the blades of Fuglore (claws) and the tomahawk of brother Thunder (weapon that you hold). Eagle is an empty and soulless man, a zombie! not in pain and he does not lose blood, but still has a link with the world of spirits, in his past life was a powerful shaman in touch with the spirit protector of the world Eagle, this spirit is manifested from his body and its scars on his back and on the shoulder, in the form of a wing of an eagle. This wing allows you to run sprints that allow Eagle to move more nimbly, since Zombie Eagle is rather slow. The eagle’s wing protects against bullets if necessary and can send them back by hitting them.
To recharge his spirit eagle bar, Eagle has to hit his opponent to feed your warrior spirit. Instinct mode in the wing has an infinite power, Eagle has powerful jump in attacks that make it look like an eagle takes its prey, his body is enveloped in flames fatuous.
If eagle stays still for 3 seconds his life energy heals slowly like a real undead!
The no-soul is back to take revenge of Ultratech which reduced him so, his goal is Fulgore once killed will regain consciousness relished.


Really cool edit, but no thanks… Also, there’s no such thing as a “real undead” - just sayin’…


I like the artwork. Interesting thought. Would like to pursue it further.

Pretty cool, and in all honesty I would like to see a Fulgore/Thunder hybrid character.

The question would be…could they pull off a KI1-esque mohawk without running the risk of offending anyone??

Going on on a limb here, I don’t think Eagle dead “DEAD” yet. I also highly doubt his body is still intact. I suspect
Sabrewulf has Eagle’s parts, in his manor somewhere.

Orchid says it is not dead … I think Fulgore uses only his conscience, then Eagle is a being empty

IG could make it so that Ultratech cloned Eagle’s brain to use for their MK 3 Fulgores, all while containing Eagle in some kind of prison. Idk XD

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