Eagle Not Free even though i own Ultra Season 3 Supreme Edition KI?

Eagle Not Free even though i own Ultra Season 3 Supreme Edition KI???

He was unlocked for me weeks ago but i came onto the game today and the games asking me to pay for him…i then googled it and found out he is indeed supposed to be free for Season 3 and DI owners

Can someone from the Development mean please respond to this is it bugged is it my accoutn whats going on how to i get this fixed please someone help :frowning:

For some reason they need some time to make this happen. They have not told us exactly when the free Eagle will be available to the folks who qualify to get him. I try to be understanding about these things but I am kind of aggravated by this.

But it is not you or a bug in your account unless something has happened that I don’t know about.

From my experience, it seems to affect those that bought it on/for Windows 10. My cousin has Season 3 Ultra and can play Eagle on his Xbox, but I bought Definitive Edition for Windows 10, and have to pay for him.

I didn’t have to do anything for him. He was just there. It seems to be acting differently from Person to person.

No. I have DE on Xbox and Eagle is not avaiable yet.

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I seriously can’t remember if I paid for eagle, but he’s just there for me. I’ve never used him.

I remember telling myself “don’t buy em, he’s gonna be free in a week”

But I also remember telling myself “you should support IG tho…”

…And marijuana is legal here, so… Can’t remember which one I went with, but like letalis said, mine (eagle) was just there…

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I didnt have to do anything for him…I have the Definitive edition installed on top of all 3 Ultra editions…so yeah…Ive had him since day one.

Hes been the free roulette character for the first 2 weeks of him being added to the roster. They said hes going to be free for all ultra and DI owners in the future. They did not disclose a date. If hes still available for you right now, then theres something going on. One would think that they would disclose when he will be free for those particular people.

I just checked mine, and Eagle is still there for me. I do feel bad for you guys that are having problems. I have had him from day 1.

me too I got the ultra edition but still not eagle :frowning:

I also haven’t had Eagle since his free week ended. I have KI Supreme Edition on Win10. :sob:

@rukizzel can you let us know if Eagle should currently be available to everyone who owns the Ultra S3 or DE versions of the game? Seems like some have him and some don’t and there’s never been any announcement of when he would be available other than “when we are able to make it happen” as far as I am aware.


I still don’t have Eagle can someone let us know what’s going on please?


3rd of October and still no free access to Eagle seriously wtf is going on???