Eagle, Kilgore, Shin Hisako Still Not Free

I currently own the Definitive Edition on disc for Xbox One and these characters are not free.

However, when viewing them in the Xbox Store, it says that they’re included in the Definitive Edition.

What’s the deal?

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lots of weirdness going on. the gold skins aren’t free yet either. and the community manager and IG are dead silent… go figure.

They should… fix it.

Devs are you guys stupid? People who spent alot more for a Supreme Edition supporting your ■■■■ company for 2 years , where is the justice??
Uninstalled this game when i found about the KI : DE after me and 2 of my friends cant access Eagle after purchasing close to 100$ in 2 years cause Shadow Jago was not included in the biggest bundle and ALOT of people got tricked and were like why ??? Why would you milk your fans of 5$ instead of making em happy and release more content and have em buy it with a smile on their face ?? Crooks.

Whoa. That’s a lil too aggressive for my taste


Flag on the play. Unnecessary roughness. 1st down. Ten yards back. Offense.

blows whistle

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