Eagle is a archer?

So eagle is suppose to be the reason filigree fights the way he does. Why do you guys think they chose to go with archer instead of a rush grappler? Story wise

Honestly, I’m not sure. I understand why from a gameplay perspective though. I hope we get a @TheKeits breakdown of the character.


I’d actually like to see Noble and @TempusChaoti provide us some story breakdown before we move on to the gameplay.

If I have to guess…

Let’s take a look to Thunder backstory, here are some intertesting quotes:
Thunder was built like a mountain and played football, while Eagle was a wrestler and amateur boxer.

So, before Ultratech ruined their lifes, Eagle practiced wrestling and amateur boxing. Seems like it’s just for sport, not to be an actual warrior.

When Thunder was a teenager he went on a vision quest… Thunder saw a flock of crows appear from nowhere, and one of them—a great black bird—spoke to him in his native language. It told him that he would fight an evil monster one day, and that he must begin training in earnest with the traditional weapon of Native Americans—the tomahawk. He became obsessed with keeping his heritage alive after that, studying the Nez Perce language, folklore and even traditional medicine with the elders of his tribe, his goal to one day become a teacher at the local Indian college.

Interesting enough, Thunder had a vision and became to keep his heritage alive, training with his tomahawks.

Eagle went on his own vision quest a few years later. He would never tell Thunder what he saw, but soon after he discovered his weyekin he started training to become an ultimate fighter with an almost religious fervor.

So, before his vision, Eagle was probably amateur in both boxing and wrestling, but after it, he started a training to be the definitive warrior. Maybe, similar to Thunder, in his vision his weyekin suggested to preserve his heritage too, so Eagle focused in archery. I have no doubt that he saw some short of vision about his future, reanimated by Glacius. Surely the metal eagle was here. Speaking about that…

He was on the run for nearly a year. Finally he went into the high desert mountains near a place called Devil’s Landing and did another vision quest, starving himself for a week. A powerful vision came to him and he saw a metal eagle in the sky, calling out his Nez Perce name “Hinmatoon.”

The metal eagle, which assists Eagle in combat. What are the chances about the metal eagle being some short of Glacius creation? Maybe Glacius used it to aid both brothers? Maybe he is manipulating them to achieve his goals?



It is a very interesting theory, given that even though Glacius seems to care little about humanity to a certain extent, he does not want any of his lost technology used by evil intentions anymore. Perhaps he’s doing this since interest about bringing Ultratech down align.

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