Eagle dropping second ultra

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I’ve noticed that Eagle drops his ultra combo if it’s the second one after an instinct cancel. I can replicate it everytime and happens against every character I’ve tried. You need to max out the KV meter then ultra, cancel the ultra when the bird hits and carry on filling the KV meter then into second ultra. It’s a few hits into the 2nd ultra and the opponent hits the floor and Eagle carries on by himself for a bit until the victory screen interrupts him. I can only get this to work with maxed out KV meters, any less and Eagle performs how he should do. Has anyone else noticed this? I’m going to test against the whole cast in practice mode. It’s not game breaking or anything but it is a consistent bug and I’m on the Windows10 version of the game.

I can confirm it happens to every character when Eagle does a double ultra. I’ve found that the KV meter doesn’t need to be maxed when you start the ultra’s but it seems to only happen when KV is in the red. I’m currently uploading a short clip vs Jago in the practice room to youtube, the combo is as basic as it gets, Just heavy AD’s and Linkers. It should demonstrate what happens.

Here’s the example:

Solution: don’t do multiple ultras

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I just did one in shadow survival and it worked just fine.

Yeah I’ve played around with it a bit and I think it depends whether a shadow move was used before the 2nd ultra or not. It’s just a quirk I found and don’t think it’s going to make a difference. I just found it when trying to get max hits.

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Never happens to me, so no complaints here

It isn’t a bug, I’ll explain. There are 2 states in this game, match state and ultra state. Any character with a recapture or wall splat properties can do specific things in match state that are not possible in ultra state. For instance, Fulgore can do upwards of 3 wallsplats in a single combo without it blowing out. TJ can recapture infinitely assuming the KV meter allows for it. These are possible in match state but not ultra state.

For Eagle’s sake, the very first hit of his ultra causes wallsplat. If you end a combo with a wallsplat, and do an ultra, that wall splat property is still there, but Ultra state resets that allowing that first hit to splat again, similar to Aganos except he splats on his own wall not the stage wall. Eagle’s first hit also has considerable knockback, so if they make contact with the wall after an instinct cancel, that is technically a second wall splat thus your combo blows out. So you have to swap sides via his linker and the ultra will not blow out. They put in this feature to prevent infinites. Shadow recaptures used to be 0 kv in ultra state allowing them to be spammed indefinitely if no normal followup was necessary (TJ Combo once again) so all recaptures add 30 kv and if it is the second one preformed during an ultra it immediately adds 100 KV blowing it out directly.

Theoretically, you can test this further if you wish. Do the first ultra without allowing it to wall splat, then let the second ultra wall splat. That one shouldn’t blow out if the first one did not wall splat. If it does, then that is indeed a bug, but it won’t really get fixed since it has no effect on the actual gameplay itself and is only after a match is over. People already complain enough about ultra’s so one blowing out on its own no one will drive a fuss about.

SullenMosquito. Thanks for that explanation I understand what’s happening now.

I was interested in what you said about fulgore being able to do 3 wallsplats so I went to youtube and the first fulgore video I found was by you! Cheers.

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@SullenMosquito and yet people complained about Kilgore’s second Ultra being blown out and him flying across the screen. K.

Kilgore’s ultra just blew out because the projectiles added to the KV meter beyond 100 and blew the ultra out regardless. Eagle’s ultra only blows out IF you hit them with 3 subsequent wall splats. If you play as Eagle, Combo into wall splat into Ultra into instinct cancel and swap sides with his linker so your second ultra doesn’t push them into a wall his ultra will never blow out. If you Ultra with no wall splat and his first ultra doesn’t wall splat it will never blow out. Trust me. I know the difference. I sat in the lab for a very long time putting together many record ultra’s for this game that I still hold the title for. Kilgore and Eagle’s blowouts are nothing similar. Kilgore’s Ultra got fixed, Eagle’s may get fixed too. Kilgore’s ultra was legitimately a bug and blew out all the time. It was really amusing honestly. Eagle’s ultra only blows out under that 1 condition. First ultra wall splats and second ultra wall splats. That’s the only instance where it happens.

If it was a bug, I wouldn’t have been able to make this combo.

I also complained about Kilgore’s bugged Ultra so I could make this. Eagle’s isn’t completely broken. @TEKkazamastar

I wouldn’t rely too much on any of those videos anymore. All of that tech is obsolete now with all the Fulgore changes. A few of his setups are still there but all of the strategies behind using some of them is gone. I’d have to redo the entire thing and I’ve changed characters a while ago. I already questioned staying with fulgore after 3.7 but 3.8 sealed the deal.