E3 KI predictions

Do you guys think something will be announced at e3 for KI, and if so then what.

I’m not sure if KI will show up at THIS E3. The game just wrapped up major content updates not long ago and both Microsoft and Iron Galaxy have other major releases in the near future to work on. The biggest KI news is probably the 15k tournament pot at Combo Breaker.

Next E3, however, I think there could be a bigger presence for Killer Instinct. There will have been more time for something big to be developed with the OneX in mind.


I would LOVE to be surprised by any sort of KI announcement at E3. But I would be really REALLY surprised if they announce so much as a new keychain from ultimate source.


I don’t belive we will get anything KI related, and ALSO I believe that we, as community, wasted an opportunity

KI was a gem, an incredible game with direct feedback and honest interactions with their Devs, which is SUPER rare. I believe we, as community, failed to handle it, with tons of negativiy and a terrible way to handle this scenario, and I believe we doomed both any short of continuity for the IP, and any chance to have this cool interactions with the Devs

Hope to be wrong


I think about this a lot. It bleeds together with a lot of social issues around responsible behavior in the information/social media age. How to foster responsible community behavior when everyone is relatively anonymous and the consequences for poor behavior are both minimal and distant.

Clearly those of us (and I am very guilty of this) who argued with the game’s detractors were not effective in improving the community mindset. Could we have done it differently? Is there a way, besides asking the positive members of the community to be hyperactive and saintly in their behavior, to combat “toxic” environments? I wish I knew. I’m afraid my rational analysis leads me to the conclusion that all the things I really liked about the development of KI - the developers openness, the active engagement with the community - were clearly mistakes. And that just makes me sad. It would be nice if there was a way to make this work…


Yeah, I kind of think that could be the case. Im still not sure, the way in which KI was created with season and the fact that not everyone has a stage or ultimate makes me think, will they start a new or keep announcing more small content. Honestly seeing as. It’s on steam it’d be a shame to create something huge that steam players can’t access.

Sure some of the debates on the forums have gotten out of hand; but as for someone who has only looked at the forums until recently making an account myself I’d have to say it really isn’t that bad. Besides KI fans are really dedicated and come from more than just on the forums. Which is something people on forums forget(Youtube, eventhub,etc). Also we have to distinguish criticism of the game from actual toxic behavior. Case in point most of the times people disliked something in the game there was definitely complaining (cause forums gotta forum). But I haven’t seen too many personal attacks on devs or anything. Im sure KI and the community will do fine. On the grand scheme of things IG will deliver the game and KI fans will play it. But I do feel less animosity and more rational discussion definitely would be beneficial.

Or those forever on hold figures :weary: :scream:. I’ve grown dead waiting for my Cinder and Orchid.

Actually the forum is one of the less toxic playerbases. There are very notoriously positive people around, whom uses logic and proved facts as weapons, against the ones using propaganda and lies

Twitch and Twitter did more damage. People spreading lies as facts really damaged the game’s appeal for the community, specially the people who may be tempted to play the game but once they saw this streams/tweets decided to let it go

But that’s another topic and I don’t want to derail this one


They aren’t not coming. For some reason the deal between MS and Ultimate Source has gone sour and they can’t or won’t just admit that the figures are not coming. Instead they are on “indefinite hold,” or some such.

I honestly don’t have a twitter or twitch account, but unfortunately people will always get the wrong idea about a game and lying isn’t gonna help. Anyways let’s just say they did announce something what do you think it would be?

A while ago, I would’ve said it was somewhat likely that we’d see KI at E3 given how much MS needs exclusives and stuff to announce and what not. I figured the foundation is already there for KI, sobwhy not another season?

But given that both Keits and the Combo Breaker announcement have referred to the game as complete, I would be very surprised if we got anything KI related at E3.

MS has been very much in the mindset now of having short distances between a game’s announcement and its release. Even if IG only used a skeleton crew on the post season 3 characters while everyone started work on a sequel, that still might not be enough time to develop a sequel that they could announce this June with a Fall / late 2018 release in mind.

My guess, and it’s obviously just that, is if we see anything KI related from MS, it’ll be a tease at KIWC at the earliest, but more likely a reveal at E3 2019.

Although I want more killer instinct. I think it’s still too soon. I imagine Microsoft will probably want iron galaxy working on it again and they’ve been busy with a number of things since wrapping KI. I’d be surprised if there’s anything more than early talks and a few internal concepts at this stage.

I am really skeptical we will see a new KI any time soon (although, of course, I could be proven wrong).

I do think, however, that if a new game is announced, and even if the devs are IG again, there is no chance they will interact with the community the same way as they did this time around. They will release balance patches and give patch notes like they did, but they won’t be soliciting feedback or talking directly about why things were done with the fans. I believe it would be a much more “take it or leave it” game where, outside the patch notes, the devs are more or less completely hands off with the community.


Why do you say that. The devs seem to interact with the community really well. I mean whenever necessary. We just had one of the devs ask about everyone’s top 10 for a new KI. And their twitter seems to be fine. I don’t have a twitter account but I don’t see much wrong on their twitter page. Or any place else really. The biggest thing that cause drama was the ultimates and remix character debates.

IG stopped communicating so close with the community when a bunch of the top players started running their mouths and being rude to Keits and IG. So they shut it down and I dont blame them.

THe devs you speak of commincating recently are from MS not IG.


I agree completely with your overall point - that we shouldn’t expect anything at E3. But I really wish people would stop making assumptions about what is or isn’t possible based on IG’s staff capacity. We really don’t know anything about how they are staffed, who is doing what or even if they would be working on the new game. It’s a pet peeve because people keep saying stuff (not you) like “IG quit working on KI to work on Extinction.”

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Yeah I hear ya. That’s why I said “if.” It’s just pure, baseless speculation and if I put it out there that it was anything other than that, then that’s definitely my bad. I wasn’t trying to imply that I actually knew anything about IG’s staff capacity or what anyone there is working on. I know that this also effects my baseless speculation, which renders it even more, well, speculative. :slight_smile:

But we all know what we have to go on. Based on that, and I could absolutely be wrong, but that kind of turnaround time, regardless of team size, seems like a tall order for any team. Obviously, we don’t even know if a sequel is in development, much less who would be working on it or when they started. All I can do is read the exceedingly limited amount of tea leaves we have and make a prediction based on that. The thread more or less calls for this kind of speculation, as trying to predict what might happen with KI at E3 through any line of logic or reasoning would make it somewhat difficult to avoid IMO.

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Wooow. That sounds horrible. I know this may be too many questions (sorry if it is). What was the fuss about and what did they shut down.

Nevertheless this is the perfect place to be in the know.
I highly doubt anything is being developed but there’s 1% chance someone is interested then I can never say never