Dwarf Fortress

Have any of you ever played the PC game Dwarf Fortress? It’s an extremely in depth simulation game where you control a small group of dwarves attempting to build a thriving fortress somewhere in the wilderness. Think of the most detailed, complex version of SimCity which has ever existed. It has a steep learning curve, but I feel like once you start to understand how it works, it’s one of the most rewarding experiences you can have in gaming. The entire world, including hundreds or thousands of years worth of history (lands, terrain features like mountains, civilizations, monsters, historical events, and individuals) are all randomly generated, meaning each world is unique.

The game uses ASCII graphics, but there are visualizer tools which will change the visuals to something more detailed; if you’re interested in checking it out, look for the “Lazy Newb Pack” on Google.

If there are a bunch of us who are interested, I think it’d be fun to run what’s called a “bloodline” or “succession” game, where a successive group of players each control the fort for a single in-game year, before passing it off to the next person. For an idea of what I’m talking about, or to see what the game itself is like, check out this succession game! Just bear in mind, this is from a really old version of the game.