Dusk (Quake-like Indy FPS)

So if the title wasn’t obvious evidene enough, Dusk is an Indy PC game that seeks to reclaim a bygone age of gaming. The catch is instead of trying to reinvent Mario Brothers, it wants to be Quake. There are quite a few people who’ve tried to make a game in the vein of Quake and other old-school shooters, but this one is probably the closest I’ve seen to getting it right (right down to the graphics!)
It’s a very small development team (3 people) but they’ve crafted a really solid game. I played the first of 3 episodes in the available demo, and it’s incredibly fun. The music is awesome, the enemies have varied attacks and behaviours, each level is hand crafted and filled with secrets, and the gameplay is fun as hell. All the elements of classic FPS are there: bunny hopping, strafe jumping, gibs, rocket jumping, projectile dodging, circle strafing, gibs, creepy atmosphere, spooky monsters, power ups, LUDICROUS GIBS

I probably sound rather excited, because I am. After playing the demo my main complaint was that it was over.

The first episode (the first 3rd of the game) is available when you preorder the full game on Steam. At only $20 it’s fairly reasonable priced. And the graphics being what they are you probably won’t even need a powerful PC to run it! The game launches on Halloween this year, and comes with a 3 episode campaign as well as an endless horde mode and multiplayer deathmatch.

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