Dumbest things you've ever done as a kid (or older)

In “honor” (so to speak AND to put it rather loosely) of the Tide Pod Challenge, what are/would be some of the dumbest things that you’ve ever done either as a young kid OR when you were older (including as a teenager) back then?

Here are a few of mine to start off this thread:
Writing out a check from my mom’s checkbook WITHOUT her knowledge to this university I was still attending back then.

Using my mom’s credit card to make a certain transaction again WITHOUT her knowledge and at the same time WITHOUT her permission to do so.

Giving/loaning money (including my family’s money) to this guy basically just wanting to help him out while waiting for him to pay me back BUT who practically down to this very day still hasn’t pay me back ANY of the money that I’ve given/loaned to him. Not only that I didn’t tell my family about this while at the same time try to (along with a bit of lying) cover up the whole thing from my family.

Now let’s just say my family most especially my mom got very, VERY ticked off at me for doing those very dumb things that I’ve done.


For me, getting into a fight with my brother in high school.

The principle brought us to his office and asked for an explanation. Jeff eventually fest up and said he was responsible. The principle was impressed and told us we would get suspended for 10 days but because of that move jeff made we got 5 days instead.

But that was only half the punishment. We got grounded for 2 whole weeks, My parents were understandably unhappy.


Back in the summer of 5th grade me and 2 friends went riding bikes through the woods and came up on an old dead end road. At the end of the road was an old white , wooden house that was supposedly “haunted”. We decided to bust the windows out of the house with rocks from the drive way. We left and got away with it because no one was there, obviously.

Then our dumb asses went back a week after with 2 more friends to show them the house. We broke 1 more window and on the way back there was a guy pulled over as if he was checking the oil in his car. He stopped us and asked us if we had broken the windows and where we lived and my friend Tony just busted out crying… mega tears , snot, drool…the works! ( He was the main culprit of rock throwing BTW)
So we all confessed, gave the guy our address like a bunch of idiots and went home crying to tell our parents. We got in big trouble and the next day the Sheriff’s department showed up while we were at school. We all had to pay 150$ to the land lord of the house and go up to the land lord and personally apologize.
The house wasn’t haunted, the person living there was a truck driver and would be gone a week at a time.
Looking back years later I felt so bad. This is by far the stupidest thing I ever was a part of as a kid.

  • Fighting with my siblings verbally and non verbally when I was little

  • Insulting my teacher in elementary school. It was parents-meeting-teachers day at school and every kid was obviously stressed. Our tutoress gave everyone in class a chocolate. The chocolate was a cheap one, and I sarcastically pointed it out. I was too dumb and fractious to appreciate my tutoress nice gesture and insulted her instead. I catched hell from my parents when they got back, and I fully deserved it.

  • Listening to my mother when she told me to ignore bullies so they will let go. I should have stood up for myself and kick their butts instead. I believe these occurences have biggest impact at who I am right now. This is my biggest regret. Never believe things will get better by themselves, always take action.

  • Trying to get into a group of kids at school I did not truly fit into, leading to my frustration and making fun of me.

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In about 4th grade, I was playing a game with my friends that we called Guns. We each had our own toy guns and we’d basically run around and hide and then “hunt” each other and yell “bang! you’re dead!” when we’d see someone. I hid next to a house that had a large stucco overhang and when one of the best players came buy, I jumped up to yell that I got them and smacked my head on the stucco as hard as I could. I screamed as blood gushed from my head and the guy actually had to carry me home to my house. It was both painful and embarrassing lol.

In my teen years, I moved to an area where they were putting up news houses. One night, a few of my new friends and I decided to explore one of the houses that wasn’t fully complete yet. I can’t remember what we did in the house, except for the fact that one of my friends pissed in their bathtub. So yeah, not really something dumb that I did, but I guess roaming around someone else’s house is pretty stupid.

In high school, that same friend group, which expanded a bit, decided to play hot potato out a field every now and then. We took a tennis ball, doused it in lighter fluid, lit it on fire and then played catch with it. I can’t really stress enough how dumb this was. Two people had their pants catch fire, people singed arm hair, burnt shirts, singed chest hair, I think some of the grass caught fire a little bit one time, but we all just thought it was fun and hilarious.


I made the mistake of getting catfished on MySpace during my high school years thinking that I was going to date a girl that I had a real crush on.

Plot twist? Most of my peers thought I made the catfish account, thus thoroughly messing up parts of the girl’s life and my life.

MOTS? People are stupid.

When I was like in second grade I was determined to find something in that was faster than light. I eventually came to a ground breaking discovery that human sight must be faster than light because you simply looked at something and could see it instantaneously. I would brag about this discovery to anyone that would listen and even tried to get rich by submitting it to the publisher of my school’s science book. My scientific career came to end when eventually my older sister told me sight IS light.


I am sure that you already know what happened to me on July, 2017. lol

If you don’t get it what I mean. Go to “The Bored at Work Thread!”, you will see 3027 post. :wink:

I should have listened to @FallofSeraphs76


The Roman candle war injury! LOL… man I bet that hurt!


Here’s another really dumb thing I did just recently: One night I vented out my anger and frustration by kicking a wall next to these small steps several times until it cracked AND broke through creating a somewhat small hole as a result of me losing my temper basically. And that happened at my family’s very own restaurant. Needless to say my mom (again) got very, VERY pissed off at me when she saw the hole I made the very next day.

A dumb thing I did recently was accidentally taking 3 zinc pills for my immune system. I’ll skip the disgusting systems that I dealt with and tell ya about how I was dealing with getting cold, too hot, ect.

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