Drifting with TGF OoKAMI @ IFD 2016 Day 1

This is my 3rd time going to ifd to drift practice,I am getting a hole lot better.

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nice! im building my FD for this currently. in the process of LSX swapping it since i totaled my single turbo rotary set up after several years. we got a couple S13 coupes, 1 KA-T, 1 VH45, 2 S14s, 1 is SR20, the other is LSX 5.3.

i got a ton of work yet, still sourcing the engine and trans. that stuff is so rare!

He’ll yea dude I wish you all the best of luck.maybe some day,you guys can come to our events out here depending how close you guys are.

thanks! its been a hell of a process but we’re continuing progress and busting ■■■ at work to get this done. i myself am hoping to hit an event in the coming late fall to early winter granted my swap is complete and road worthy. another reason im doin the LS1 gig, is cuz i have no truck and trailer i gotta drive to and from the events. i need something that i know will get my a$s home lol


Uhhh, what who