Dragonball xenoverse 2 announced



Looks awesome! That trunks scene with all the rain is biblical lol I bet everyrhing especially combat will be improved. Look at raging blast and raging blast 2, their sequels are for the most part very improved.

Plus the return of Lord Slug, Turles, Zarbon and Dodoria!

I really hope Cooler shows up in this game, also hope that someone in the TeamFourStar crew is involved again lol

I wonder why these games don’t take off like Pokken did? Namco and Dimps should be able to make a competitive DB game.

Anyway I missed out on the first one but am excited for this one. I wonder if some of the new characters like Hit, Frost, and Cabba will be in this one.

Awww Yeah! I loved the first one! I wonder if our characters from the first one will transfer over?

I hope we get a Cell-like character for this game :slight_smile:

I think cooler will be in. In the teaser/countdown they were showing images of all the movies and dragon ball and dragon ball z! Since its a sequel it MUST have more characters than the original. Its no surprise they’re making another one since xenoverse sold pretty good and was well received. E3 just got more interesting for me! Lol

Also on the original they made it for old gen which means they probably held back a little but this one is only coming to xbox one ps4 and pc

My reactions:

-Yo that looks BEAUTIFUL
-Oh, cool, so more “bad ending” scenarios to solve
-We got movie villains, awesome!
-“Outcomes you wished were different.” Wait, does this mean we can actually make bad moments that are series staples change for the better? That’s a cool idea!

I really liked the first game, put a ton of hours in and got all the skills. The online co-op was awesome, the character customization was great and the story was a nice change of pace.

My main hope for this next installment: please, for the love of god, fix the bad hit detection and broken skills/z-souls. That stuff made anonymous online PvP basically unplayable.

No love for Monaka?

Me right now:


Lmaoooo I would be ok with an alternate Monaka costume for Beerus like in the recent episode where he had to disguise himself as him. Then again if Mr. Satan can be playable in the DB games I am sure Monaka could be too somehow

Oh snap.

Sweet! I’ll check it out when it releases!

So has anyone pre ordered Xenoverse? I did it today. If you pre order you get Goku Black for free! If you don’t pre order you will have to pay for him separately. There’s a beta this weekend and the next but it’s only for ps4.

I pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition 3 months ago.

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The game is sheet at all levels.If u are an OG and u played the tenkaichi and budokai series, you will see what I mean. Naruto storm 4 is the game to get

I played both previous series’, and I like Xenoverse far above those two.

Also, I never watched Naruto.

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How are the Xenoverse games? I was a huge fan of budokia and tenkaichi back in the day and the last DB game I played was the first Raging Blast.

Are they something you can kind of play competitively? I seem to remember in BT3 every character more or less played pretty much the same and there was like 2 attack buttons and there was just not much variety in terms of gameplay…but then again I was young and never really played games like that so I could have just not known the difference lol

Xenoverse’s main draw is the character creation system. The character you control can be fully customized with his/her appearance, race, skills and outfits. You can play as any character you unlock as well with their set movesets. However, while all the combo inputs and chains are the same across the roster, every character feels different, have different moves and their combos act differently. So there is quite a bit of replayability with the characters.

You’ll be spending most of your time teaming up with players online to fight in quests and gain new moves and clothes, so PvP isn’t stressed. PvP is an option, and the mechanics are “balanced,” but don’t be surprised when you run into a created character with a stat build that allows them to kill you in 2-3 ultimates.

The online co-op component is worth the money by itself though IMO